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Viewer Mail - Continued

Unsolicited comments I've received regarding
this website, the videos, and the way I run this business.

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"Now that was a bare hand spanking to remember, not only for his typically stoic handling of it but for your incredible stamina through it all. I do not know how you can maintain a bare hand spanking so steadily and forcefully for such a long period. Your hands and arms must have really ached."

"Just a brief note to tell you how much I enjoyed Seth's latest. (As always, his facial reactions are great.) Otk hand spanking is the most intimate, erotic kind of spanking there is... I am very pleased. LOL"

"As we pagans say...."Good Yule"...have enjoyed your videos, your models, your thoughts over the years...looking forward to what come down the pipes..."

"Your video of Rex was SUPER!! It was erotic and sensual but extremely tasteful. I so enjoy a massage with oil especially on the buttocks! Rex has a beautiful manly body. Your otk spanking of Chase for Christmas was fun. He too has a wonderful man's build. Dylan is the boy next door, the son, the nephew or grandson !! I enjoyed the plot. He was welcomed home, but needed to be punished for a little too much partying at college. This should be what a dad does to a son who is physically a man, but who has not yet taken on the total responsiblity of a man... Happy Holidays and keep up your excellent, excellent work"

"liff just wanted to wish you and all the models a very merry christmas and a very happy new year...Seth is one of my favorite models and i enjoyed the otk spanking you gave him for christmas im sure he ll be a good boy next"

"What an awesome site! What a startling, dramatic experience you are providing! I spent all of yesterday into the night looking at your behind the scenes video, a sampling of the spanking videos and the background bonus features that went with four or five that I took in. I hardly slept. I have started to go systematically through the close to 50 shoots you have done with Rex. Watching the bonus video on Spanking Pleasures with his backside being beaten from three different angles was a real treat... You are developing expert products like no others I have seen. Totally unique, totally dedicated, you are getting to do things to your well-chosen young men that no-one elsewhere is even vaguely considering. You yourself are a true artist. You have a great eye for detail, for pacing and for drama. You are always thinking and it shows on the screen. I am thoroughly enjoying the bonus sessions for the extra content they provide. It is inspired to do them. The extra coverage of facial reactions, and the insight they provide into your mind and into the internalization of pain by your young men, is totally absorbing... What a story all this makes. I look forward to months of pleasure exploring your themes, revelling in your unflinching bare bottom whippings and looking forward to discovering more of your willing and able young men."

"I just watched the [bonus video] of Dylan....what a catch he is...these videos are so enlightening about the character and make up of these models...this kid is a treasure...willing to do most anything you ask and then he says AWSUM....his ass was on fire in the mirror and he says AWSUM ...what the hell more could you ask of a involvement to the making of spanking videos...I really enjoyed the banter back and forth at the end between you two...he seems to be well informed and educated..."

"Loved last Friday's vid [Dylan]. Perfect! Realistic, perfect length, etc. Great job!"

"I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Dylan's first real video... One of the reason I enjoy this site so much is its variety: the mixture of models, implements, and scenarios you use.... the diversity of your model pool is one of your strengths and a big appeal of this site."

"This is my first opportunity to write to you. I must say I was taken by surprise with "Spanking Pleasures." What an eroctic masterpiece! I don't think I can say enough... Lastly and just like for Rex, your bare hand spanking Chase's bare butt was the ultimate when it comes to otk punishment... Thanks again for the best m/m punishments."

"DYLAN....WOW....what a great actor, cool and calm under pressure...easy responses and perfect look about him...then when he undressed and you got to see that beautiful ass laying across the bed...OMG....then he took the strap with just enough grunts to make it a real turn congrats to you and especially to Dylan...great job for a first video...I really hope he decides to stick around...we will all be better off for it..."

"Thank you for getting the answer so quickly. I am truly looking forward to your site."

"that was a delightful new video. an old-fashioned scene that unfortunately is not still the case today. best line: when dylan knows he's getting a dose of the strap. it's just the way it works: you mess up, you pay the price. dylan himself is a charmer. loved his manner, his look & the way he took it. he's a fine addition to your roster of models. thanks for another christmas goodie"

"Wow! The new video with Dylan is awesome. Very hot! I love it when Dylan says "am I going to get the strap?" and looks down, that's priceless. Awesome job Cliff, more please."

"Judging by Dylan's latest, he has no problem taking a HARD spanking. I LOVED it! His butt is mouth watering and his performance is splendid. I love the way he bends over, presenting his butt, and takes his punishment like a man, despite the fact that his vocal reaction makes it clear that he is hurting... This video is what this site is all about, at least for me."

"Thanks for all the wonderful films. Each one is a joy."

"Thanks [for] your email and the extended month. Now that's service!"

"Cliff, you have been most kind in taking the time to solve my problems..."

"Excellent video of Chase - I agree with a previous post that said that OTK spanking of a barefoot boy is hot, and love how you include pics of the bare feet from time to time."

"Chase and his beautiful muscle butt are always such a joy to see getting spanked. Man I think I could feel that one clear across the country. Merry Christmas to Chase and Cliff... and all the guys with the spankable butts."

"What a little gem your latest video with Chase was. It was fun and quirky and the music was just right. In fact it was a Christmas classic performed on Spanking Central."

"Just downloaded the latest vid... I loved it, but then an otk spanking of a barefoot boy is pretty close to my ideal. You just about hit my every button. The only thing missing was the hairbrush."

"I love the new Chase video "Nice 'n Naughty". Chase looks absolutely beautiful bent over your lap."

"Just watched Chase's video from Friday... I thought it was fun and Chase looked good as always... Poor Chase is almost too nice to spank. Almost."

"Very enjoyable and fun production. While I love and even crave your serious and heavier PR and CP scenes, I positively love your creativity and your willingness to experiment and try new themes. A light heart is perfectly appropriate at this time of year. I especially praise your opening credits sequence and Chase's (customary) fine acting - he does clearly understand a role and plays that role. But this production for me, apart from the tone, is marked by literally perfect, exquisite editing. Editing has long been a strength of yours. It is in full display here. Really nice work."

"whatever you do with that's wonderful. and there's something to be said for an old fashioned application of bare hand to a young man's bare bottom. it's like seeing "It's A Wonderful Life" every year at Christmas. and considering the rear being spanked was chase's, well, that probably ranks as one of the better christmas presents i'll be receiving this year... thanks for a fine smack-down."

"I like your two last videos with Rex and Chase a lot;they are my favorites among your current models."

"Loved the quirky Chase "double feature"... Hope to see more of it in the future."

"Hey Cliff - prior to this past week, Discipline Dreams with Anton had been my favorite work. But now it is Spanking Pleasures with Rex. Art is not easy. Yet when you choose to delve into the passion and beauty of spanking, you create what I believe is your best work. I understand that it might not be the most commercially accepted. So be it. Sometimes you just have to go where your instincts take you. Thanks."

"Wonderful service (as usual) from you Cliff. Thx."

"Thank you for the sensuous, erotic, and Smokin' HOT spanking video with Rex. The guy is looking more beautiful than ever."

"The video [Rex] was A - M A Z - I N G. I am so glad it has been so well received and sorry (but understand) that you don't think you can do more like this....... Thanks for all the great work you do... the films you produce are great!"

"The new video [Rex] exceeds, explains, and is an eye opener. The lighting, shadows, and body movements are realistic of what a true spanker and spankee are doing. It shows how the mind and the body of two human beings work together. The preparation for and delivery of the spanking are true depicitions of what goes on in one's mind as they prepare to deliver and receive. This video can not be replicated because it is a one time experinece. You both captured the physical and mental reality of spanking. While many like me would like more of the same, the best of the best is now. Thank you both."

"In a word......"Bravo." This production is sensuous and erotic. It is also intensely masculine... I commend you for having the nerve and audacity to try something so new and daring. This is excellent erotic cinema, and I think reflects the imaginary fantasies so many of your members would like to indulge in... Rex's butt, indeed his whole body, has never looked better. His curves are declared, and his butt cheeks are set up as worshipful globes. Lighting is first rate... once again you provide us ample demonstration why we should stay with you, i.e. your amazing creativity. Thank you. You and Rex gave me tingles."

"Once again, you have really managed to out-do yourself - and also have left any and all competition miles behind... This was excellent. Rex was excellent. And, the work does, indeed, serve to show what many might not want to admit is an unconscious response to a very real part of the whole spectrum of erotic experience."

"REX REX REX....OMG OMG OMG.....when you want to talk about spanking art this video is perfect....I must say that I would vote this as the most beautiful video ever done on this had everything....the perfect ass... the beautiful connection between spanker and didn't need to see Rex's face he telegraphed it through sound....this video was sensuous, artful and erotic without sex...the oil splaying down on a beautifully photographic ass cant be overstated...perfect balls and just a peek of a cock...what a perfect model to use for this...I LOVED IT ... I have watched it two times and cant get enough.... AGAIN SC outdoes itself..... thanks for a different splendid example of spanking art... I have no idea why you were afraid of is the best ever, ever, ever done here...."

"Spanking Pleasures was fantastic! Really hot! I could have watched for an hour."

"I just watched and saved Spanking Pleasures! This is a TOTAL turn on for me. It is sensuous, walks right up to the line but doesn't cross it and still leaves my imagination reeling... My mind is so confused and pleasantly so, over what I'm feeling right now and that's an amazing sensation... also excellent spankography and the weaving of it all together did increase my heart rate as well as producing other physiological reactions. It's incredible, Cliff. It's so good that I want to save this... I think this was the best erotic art I have ever seen. You outdid yourself with this and I am so grateful! It's difficult to comment on the technical aspects with my mind racing off in other directions, but the lighting, camera angles, editing, music just work together. It was also a stellar performance by Rex and it's wonderful that he is so comfortable with himself that he would not only let you touch him that way but react so sensuously. Jaw-dropping amazement would be one way I could sum this up... OMG, this is just wonderful!"

"I really loved this one [Rex]. It's now right up there with the two Discipline Dreams videos as my favorites. Thanks."

"You had no need to be anxious about your latest video with Rex. It was sensual, arousing and beautifully captured both on film and the background music. I will be fascinated to watch the bonus video as I cant begin to imagine how you and Rex created this one. Well done."

"WOW, Cliff, I LOVE that opus with Rex. I think its a real gem and among my all time favorites. I loved the pacing and sensuality, and of course Rex is tops on my list as well. I was also a big fan of that dream spanking piece you did with Anton a while back. thanks.. a real turn on."

"Really enjoyed your new video with Rex. Loved how you alternated the spanking and soothing oil. The oil really highlighted his butt and the lighting (with the blows coming out of the dark) was great. The total effect was very intimate."

"sorry to bother you again...but i am so blown away by that video...i just wanted to follow up with how awsum Rex was through that was a very very intense one ...and he handled every spanking item you have....was wonderful.... I honestly think that you should do another with a select model...maybe Seth or Chase....i cant believe how sensual and intimate this was.......damn."

"YOU ARE the BEST Producer-Director in the business; and the niche is YOURS!"

"Best you've done ever. No ands, no ifs, no buts (pardon the pun). It was erotic/sensual without being offensive. It is the best Rex has done (I've seen his other porn stuff--you beat the competition all to hell). It was as if I was in the room with you two observing, experiencing, feeling, participatin--very, very are for me. I hope to see more of this in the future--with your more mature models (Chase comes to mind; and oh & Spencer too). I don't normally download your postings, but this one is going to be an exception. It's a keeper; it exceeded my expectations. Coming (another bad choice of words) down off the high. Heart-felt thanx"

"I love the new video of Rex, it's now my favorite spanking video of all time!!!"

"I have to say that I thoroughly and unequivocally loved the video with Rex. I like his backside anyway, and who could tell it was even him unless you know him? But the whole thing was sensual, the music was great, I love the massaging and sliding your hand in places that we don't often see on your videos. Very provocative! And real! Also enjoyed the variety of implements. What I really want to know is whether Rex was comfortable with it! He sure sounded like he was! Oh, Cliff! I'm such a dirty old man! LOL Seriously, though, excellent work!"

"you certainly know how to get a guy to cream. i wish most porn was as well produced as this was. thanks to rex for letting you be that intimate--and also for acting at being into this when i know he's not gay and he's not into the scene. and you couldn't have chosen a better male physique than rex'. it takes up almost half a gig but i say it's a feature film as opposed to a short. what a great job. i think you have a right to indulge your creative side every once in a while, because you're so good at it. let the moaners bitch about it not being the "usual". it was good because, among other things, it was so unusual."

"I wanted to let you know that the latest video with Rex was FANTASTIC!! I think both of you did a great job. Perhaps you could try something like this again?"

"I absolutely loved it [Rex], the whole thing was highly erotic. Never seeing his face, just his superb bottom was surprisingly satisfying. I see it as on the same "creative flight path" as the dream sequence you shot with Anton at the beginning of the year (itself a spanko-erotic masterpiece IMHO). Hope lots of subscribers express the same 5* opinion."

"Just watched the new video with Rex. Loved it!!! Of course, I'm a butt guy so this emphasis on the butt really appeals to me. It was so sensual I'll be thinking about it all day. In my opinion, you really need to do this with other models on occasion... It must have been fun for you to make this video also."

"A big thank you for the Rex video. It was a lot of fun to watch, and the trust Rex has for you and his willingness to do something this sensual is much appreciated. I have more to say, but for now just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this video."

"I did want to let you know that I really enjoyed your latest video with him [Rex]. I thought it was beautifully and artistically done. It exuded eroticism and sensuality and really brought out the whole mystique of pleasure and pain. Congrats on a great job - you truly are the master of the spanking art !! I think a similar type video with Chase would be awsome. Best wishes for your continued success with the site."

"my thanx for running a fine and interesting web site; much appreciated by me as well."

"I have been without a computer for the last four weeks so have just updated myself with the prime time video's and the misc "Director's cuts ... I cant wait to settle down and enjoy the bonus video's and get up to date with your blog. I have really missed my daily dose of Spanking Central! Your "Real discipline" with Seth was for me a winner and inspired. This broke all the boundaries ( I also watched the bonus video, even though I had loads of things to do,) just to get the whole picture for this one. Well done it is one of your very best performances!"

"Just wanted to contribute my two cents' worth about your newest model, and your newest video... I am a fan of Dylan, definitely. He has a great "Ahhhhhhhh-ahhhhhh-ahhhhhhh-ahhhhhhhhh" reaction going on a couple of times. He looks great on the camera. both from the front and behind. And he seems very congenial and friendly (that's one of my personal preferences, for whatever reason) Nice!"

"Hi Cliff: think you have a real winner with 'DYLAN' "

"Just add my pennies worth about Dylan. A great personality, I hope he lasts! And thanks for the teasers with Chase [Premium Site Blog]. While seeing him thrashed is rather exciting, he is such a great guy. Looking forward to the post!"

"Re Dylan - you have a BIG winner! Excellent."

"What an articulate, sensible, well reasoned explanation you have provided to us, the membership. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to do that, another demonstration of the exemplary customer service you deliver at SC."

"Very nice video with Dylan; I can see why you like him; I can see why everyone else likes him."

"Dylan is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!! Great personality and gorgeous body!!! Keep him."

"The new guy [Dylan] seems to be very nice...was definitely open about his personal life and a great ass....nice to see someone take a good spanking..."

"I just watched Introducing Dylan and liked him very much. He has a good, solid, masculine body but still retains a touch of boyish quality. Best blue eyes since Spencer."

"I don't normally care for the audition videos but Dylan's was great. He comes across as much more mature and articulate than most of your recent models and I got the distinct impression that he likes getting spanked. His reactions were great. And I love his butt! What a canvas to work on! And like you I am very appreciative of the tight jeans. I can't wait to see him again."

"I like Dylan a lot. He has the "boy next door" kind of look to me, not model looks (ok with me) just a normal kid. I liked the tight jeans he wore too, always a nice look for me. He seemed very positive and enthusiastic about being spanked. Thumbs up!"

"Dylan is HOT!!!! And those 7 for all Mankind jeans we're REALLY HOT!!!! Can't wait to see his get those paddled and strapped!!!!!"

"Good addition to the cast [Dylan]. Takes a good lick that will leave a mark, although not a lasting one, with a good reaction, but not over-reaction which occasionally is the case."

"dylan's a total treasure. an alive personality, and a beautiful rear... and can he take it. for real."

"I do like Dylan I do hope he becomes one of your real troupers like Brian, Rex, etc"

"I think Dylan will do really well on the site. He is attractive, pleasant and can take a lot apparently. Also he actually-reacts! It's kind of refreshing. Another good find for you."

"We just watched the audition video of Dylan and we are instant fans! He has a great personality and kind of a light approach which we found very pleasant and endearing. His personal spanking history was fun and sounds intense, so he's no stranger to any of this. Pants-down, he looks great. That's a fine, spankable butt and we both love the way it jiggles... We think you have another winner here!!"

"The Chase picture [Premium Site Blog] was the prefect Thanksgiving present for all of us .... Thanks again and best wishes to you through the Holiday Season. "

"I am an great fan off your site. This becaus of how You make the video's and the way You treat the models. You treat them as human beings and not as a model You can spank because You paid for that. And You care about your members That is the same what I read on the internet when I read a comment about your site. I've seen several new models and they're all great but today I saw Jaimin. And I can only say what an amazing good looking person."

"In response to your question....I personally love to see the models as soon as you are willing to expose them...its exciting to see new blood especially since you allow members to comment on them and you seem to take our comments seriously... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving..."

"as others have noted, the fact that you not only ask for opinions but also seem to really take the feedback to heart, well, that is so imperative to what makes you (and your site) what it is..."

"Jaimin is a keeper! He took a very mild spanking, but it is a start! Keep that boy bent over! This was a welcomed surprise!! Bravo, Cliff."

"Thanks a lot. I really appreciate. Your videos are just great ! You were so nice and patient with all my questions on phone. I'm really grateful..."

"WOW! I had to sneak away and get some private time to watch the new video and man is the new model [Jaimin] great! ... He's got a fantastic personality, can think and express himself, has a slightly naughty take on things and to me that's a very sexy combination. His smile lights up the screen, too. I am totally wowed by him and I think this is probably the best audition video you have ever done... I'm totally impressed!! I also have to say on a personal level that he's very cute and has a nice butt for spanking."

"I found Jaimin to be a very handsome model. I enjoyed watching him. I also like his spirit of exploration."

"jaimin is a winner. interesting fellow, nice looking, and a sport. well you have to be a sport to be a model in these videos... i hope he sticks around."

"I think Jaimin is cute and will be, hopefully, a good addition to your website."

"You asked for impressions of Jaimin... The first thing I noticed was the sparkle in his eyes. He seems very personable, intelligent, with a great sense of humor. I liked him right away and not to mention his drop dead good looks. Seems like a class act."

"First impression [Jaimin]: Cute young man, very personable, just a bit anxious, nice ass, full of potential."

"Very positive first impressions of Jaimin. He seems bright, and "up for it", and his Hispanic looks bring welcome variety to your team of models. I hope you'll do more with him."

"Well I just went to SC site to check out what I thought was going to be a video of Rex and to my surprise it was a new He [Jaimin] is very handsome and seems open and pleasant with a wonderful attitude... he has a beautiful body, not shy and seemed to be willing to give this a shot... I really hope he hangs in there."

"Man, he [Jaimin] has such a pretty face and smile, seems like a genuinely nice guy and has a very nice butt. Quite a find!"

"Seth - His "real punishment" vid was great. Pure Seth. And since he really seems to hate the cane, it truly was soooooo realistic! Amazing what he can take, and I'm still amazed that at his age he still looks a few years younger and thus perfectly in character for the scenes. Dustin - Good Gawd what a find this young man is. He comes across as so normal and natural. His facial expressions are so spot on, and he looks like every young man I ever saw getting punished during my teen years. His attitude is so professional and it shows on-screen. Man, I sure hope he sticks around! He is such fun to watch and he seems so grounded in reality."

"Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the latest video you posted with Dustin a few days ago. Excellent scenario, and well acted, Dustin is just great at the dialog, he really plays the part well. Well done to you for this excellent production, I certainly appreciate to huge effort you put in to these videos week after week !! I am downloading the bonus video as I write this, looking forward to viewing it too."

"I have been a long time customer of yours, and must admit I miss being able to purchase your DVDs. But I love your site and your models... Your site rocks!"

"OMG this new video was GREAT!!!!! You tell Dustin from me that this is one of my favorites. He looks good in Wranglers and took one Hell of a strappin. And I LOVED the marks. But most of all I love his acting ability. His facial gestures(the smiling and the rolling of the eyes is PERFECT). If I was spanking a boy and saw that he wouldn't sit down for a week. He comes off as the perfect brat."

"You did a great job with Dustin! I hope Dustin keeeps up his bad attitude so that you can use a lot more of that razor strap on his bare behind!!"

"high marks (pun intended) for the new video. dustin's a natural for the acting and you're dialogue was natural as well."

"I really like your barn scenes and this one [Dustin] is no exception! "

"Thank you for the quick response and the prompt service. I am grateful for your excellent service."

"Thank you for your incredibly prompt reply; amazing! I am very impressed by your efficiency (just wish I had your job!!)."

"One of the things that is special about SC is the ability to communicate with the owner/producer of the videos. Your quick response to emails is most unusual in this crazy world and most appreciated."

"You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I just watched the most brutal whipping that Seth has ever taken in all my years of being a member...BUT it was awsum....His facial expressions were terrific and the closest I ever saw him come to crying or tears...and the frontal shots were and extra...another box office hit for SC...Love it Cliff...just love it...."

"The latest 'Seth' creation of yours, is indeed real discipline. And it's, bluntly put, so f*cking HOT!! Seeing more of [him] - and that gorgeous, intact manhood - twist and bounce, with toes curling up, is wildly effective. An amazing video."

"Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the latest video with Seth. He took a good hard dose of the cane. Very realistic, I thought he was going to cry at a couple of points. He's a trooper!"

"I have just viewed Real Discipline 4 with SethBoy. On a scale of 1-10, this, for me, is a 20!! I wish all of your videos could be the real ones, like this, instead of various scenarios. Seth's responses were amazing! It was easy to feel his tension when you said, "What you need is a real life whipping with this cane that you love so much! You don't like that idea, do you?" His simple response, "No," was packed with subtle and poignant emotion! You did an amazing job delivering the real dialogue of a caring punisher, and you masterfully delivered the strokes to the deserving recipient's bare bottom! And Seth was never better, taking his punishment in an uncomfortable position and with painful resignation of the inevitable... almost 13 minutes of beautifully captured video. Well done, Cliff and Seth!!!"

"...watching Seth's enduring his "Real Discipline" of 25 strokes of the cane and leaving on his ass real blisters. This is 'Real Discipline' indeed, and it was riveting for me. I like the way you positioned Seth's young body on the table, and we witnessed Seth's obedient submission again, and his agonizing reaction to each stroke, and his ongoing count of the strokes, willingly submitting to the entire punishment. This was a fine production on many levels. PS - I love it when you announce to him in your opening lecture that he "deserves a whipping". This is far more manful to me than your usual 'spanking'. Thanks."

"I just had to comment on this one. Ok. I admit that the moment I realised it was going to be Seth's turn this week, and that he was going to be caned the video was going to be a hit with me, but this video was something very special ; Seth clearly knew it was going to be one of the "harder work" ones when you confronted him about his time-keeping and general lack of self-discipline, and his expression when he realised that his least favorite method, a naked caning, was to take place seemed very authentic. The position kneeling on the coffee table was inspired; as well as showing off Seth's very lean, but still nicely proportioned physique, the position required him to kneel back up after each stroke and present his bottom for more. The way he counted the strokes was quite different from the way he does it on some of the lighter-hearted video scenarios, indeed, your stern tone, and his distinctly unhappy but obedient tone gave this video a truly awesome atmosphere. I've never enjoyed a Seth video more.... and I've enjoyed virtually all of his."

"Wow, Cliff! you really blurred the line between fantasy and reality with that one [Seth]. To be honest, I can't tell where one stops and the other begins. That was a pretty wild caning which left us both speechless for a moment... There was just a certain something about this which was really different and which we can't really put into words. You once had Spencer in a similar position on the same table and his animated antics were very different from this almost judicial procedure. Seth never shows much emotion but it seems this was really getting to him. We just have no idea what is fantasy and what is reality here and that's cool."

"This weeks video was real good. I love spanking videos with the cain, and it was a lot of "front" pictures in. thanks"

"Thought I'd drop you some fan mail! Dustin is so adorable! I could watch him in videos all day."

"Dustin is a "natural" star.... he lays on the couch like any teen would...earplugs in, magazine...pjs...lounging around...then comes the spanking...he has wonderful timing with his responses to your comments.. this video was so "normal" I felt like i was watching you give him the spanking...excellent...just damn EXCELLENT..we need 2 more Dustin' I said before you sure this isn't Dustin Hoffman Jr.? well done Cliff....well done..."

"Add Dustin to my favs list. Something about him rings true - he seems real sweet under his acted-out attitude. I never get tired of Rex, and his playful spirit on the BTS video is a hoot. Chase is awesome to watch. Add Dustin to the list. If every week one of those three is up, that's just fine with me."

" put out a great, clean product on a weekly basis (which puts you light years ahead of some of these studios). You're also consistent in your brand, which I appreciate. Some of these studios (i.e. [other site name redacted]) have turned into something not as great as they used to be."

"I want you know that your two vidoes and the following stills of Dustin and Seth are absolutely EXCELLENT. Dustin is a wonderful actor. His facial expressions and his smart mouth were quite real. The spanking you gave him with the belt was well deserved!! Seth's disobedience and his reactions were excellent too. I enjoyed his otk bare ass spanking. As the years have gone on, you have become an excellent father image for the vidoes. I enjoy seeing father-son discipline and yours are very realistic... Keep up the great work!!!"

" I belong to three other sites, and in the past belonged to several others which I dropped (because of their poor production values, disrespect for customers, visible abuse of models, etc.). NO ONE can compete with what you present at SC for your members. Period."

"I just had a chance to watch Chase's commentary video. You know I love the bts videos, but I think I like the commentaries even more. After watching them I usually want to go back and watch the regular video again."

"Just enjoyed seeing Rex get some good old fashioned receiving of the Coach's paddle... Thanks for the good work."

"The new video [Seth] is great! It should please those who are looking for a "real" spanking."

"Well I just watched another terrific video with of my long time favorite models....this was great...dialogue, location and his facial expressions just super....i really enjoyed it..."

"I'm a your costumer and I would like to express my appreciation for the good job of your Site, that is with no doubts the best for male spanking... I'm sorry for my English that isn't very good, because I'm Italian... SpankingCentral rules the world everywhere! Your response and its critics on yourself work show me that you are very professional, always in search of solution to improve your results, in short the best there is in this particular field!"

"Yet another great video [Seth]for those of us who really like the domestic scenario's. I think one of the things I really enjoy when you use Seth as the model in these situations is that there always seems to be an underlying sense of humor going on, either by a look or the odd comment. In fact the sort of thing I would imagine happens in a household where the son has a healthy respect for the parent without being terrified of him. As you have said in the past everyone sees something different in your videos."

"I have been watching you spank guys for years now. I must say this last video with you and Seth. Your butt looked so hot in those Levis it looked better then Seth's LOL :). I just had to compliment you! I hope you don't mind my saying so.. You got one hot spank able butt too ! Take Care Keep up the good work!"

"I have just watched Seth55. An excellent video, up to your usual high standards. I liked the over the Levis first followed by the trousers down. Half way through I was wondering how you would get a suitable excuse to get the trousers down and you found a beauty! Excellent plot, dialogue and acting on the part of you both."

"You have done it again! [Chase] Just when I thought you couldn't do any better you pull off another brilliant production... I am so glad I found your site."

"Chase is amazing! And I must say this time: The line "Well, I've got another tradition around here!" made my nether regions jump before you had even laid hands on the paddle. I am not sure WHY, but it worked great. Thanks!"

"You hit two home runs with Dustin & Chase; fan-fuckin'-tastic both of them... And like good wine, you are improving with age and as you go along. Your stuff continues to get better. "

"Spanking Chase - WOW!! You knocked it out of the park with this one..."

"Chase streaker video - Outstanding. Good storyline, good action, eye candy"

"Just a brief note saying how much I liked Chase's latest. Chase gave a great performance. His reactions to the paddle were perfect. He didn't seem to be liking it one bit, which means I LOVED it... And thanks for the lovely shots of his bare feet."

"You sure managed to get my mind racing with the fabulous still teasers of Chase you posted on the blog. He looks as fine as ever."

"Thank you so very much for your assistance and the pleasure your skill and artistry give. Spanking Central is certainly the best of its kind on the web... That's why I've come back for another year. Also you give so much more with the BTS and SCTV footage [BTS Features] - we learn so much more about you, the studio and the young fellows."

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"I've been a subscriber since 2005 and love the consistently excellent work you do; I really should drop you a line more often to compliment you on your work, and let you know how much I thoroughly enjoy your videos and the blog. Well, this week's video just shook me out of my inertia. This week's video with Dustin is just so absolutely HOT, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, STUPENDOUS etc. etc. etc. that I am absolutely compelled to write! ...Dustin's facial reactions when doing dialogue are perfect! You couldn't have scripted any better the way he rolled his eyes and smirked when you confronted him about cleaning the garage; he came across as a real smart-ass kid who really needed an attitude adjustment with the belt. Dustin is a real keeper: both beauty and brains! In short, what a great addition to the Spanking Central family! ...In my opinion, this ranks as one of my favorite videos: right up there with Chris' "lazyboy" belt-whipping on his bed for oversleeping, and Anton's dream of a sound strapping. Consider me a subscriber for life; and I wish you the best of luck in finding top talent like Dustin for Spanking Central."

"Just wanted to say your latest video of Dustin was great!!!!!! Love those boy briefs too. Keep up the good work."

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"Your newest Attitude Adjustment with Dustin is a fine production! I enjoyed the realistic acting, both Dustin's and yours! The voices in this one were especially appealing, yours reflecting the frustrated and petulant father, and his voice beginning with that all-too-common youthful arrogance and progressing, stroke by stroke, to contrition!"

"I just peeked in at SC a moment ago and noticed the picture of Chase [Premium Site Blog]. A wave of joy washed over me! Thanks for posting that picture. I'm sorry I missed him in the studio! [Premium Site Live Studio Cam]"

"I just watched the bonus video [Bonus Video]... this kid Dustin is just awsum...I love his voice...and he even gets involved in ideas for the shoot....what else could you ask for...good and takes a great spanking...."

"I thoroughly enjoyed your latest video with Dustin. In part, it was because it combined all my favorite elements: a school setting, a school sports team in the locker room, the coach, and a paddle. Dustin's look allowed me, with just a little imagination, to see him as a high school freshman... Also, the subtext that Dustin was a jock who had felt the coach's paddle before was well-conveyed by his excellent acting -- and yours. The camera work was very sensual as you panned Dustin's body again and again... Congratulations to you both."

"I just watched the new video with Dustin... what a great video...scene, dialogue, characters, just can now say you have a winner in Dustin."

"Just wanted to say, I think Dustin is great. Loved him in his speedo. Keep up the good work."

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"I found Dustin's latest video erotic and sexy! I love the way that electric blue swimsuit looks on Dustin... The locker room /sports scenarios are among my favorite discipline settings, along with the OTK domestic punishment set-ups. I think I probably like them because they're more realistic, true-to-life, and besides, a cute boy in tight speedos or a jockstrap is sexy as hell! ...Dustin's acting - I thought he did a great job! I've found the acting in your videos to be consistently entertaining; it often increases the erotic nature of the scene, because you understand the psychological aspects of spanking, what turns people on, and you play into that... I, for one, have been impressed by your efforts as well as the efforts of all your models. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of Dustin in the future!"

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"I have been away for a while but just signed up again. The Seth video for being late is GREAT. His lovely ass is perfect for spanking. Thanks for the little desert of rubbing his behind after the paddeling."

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"I have just watched your latest video and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Dustin gets better each time we see him."

"I had to write about Dustin's latest. His facial expressions are wonderful. I don't normally get into the pre-spanking build up, but watching him sitting there twitching got me rock hard... I can't wait to see more of him."

"This...Boy [Dustin]...CAN...Act !!!! So many wonderful and interesting subtleties in his facial reactions. You don't dare film him without a camera on his face to capture for you in your editing his amazing reactions. He certainly captures his character. You are going to have so much fun working with his young man. He is up to your standards. And he even sweats !"

"I am always fascinated by the process that goes into making your videos, and I enjoy the behind the scenes footage a lot. Overall, however, my preference is the finished product when all the "production" elements come together so well! I loved the "Irresponsible" final video! However, for the first time, I enjoyed the Bonus Video even more!! The continued paddling after several pauses was quite the feat. You were determined to give Seth a thorough butt blistering, and his opinion was not requested:-) He went from his typical nonchalance, to some genuine reactions that are priceless!"

"Wow, Cliff: This last clip of Seth is EXCELLENT!!! You have truly captured a wonderful father-son situation. Seth plays the role of a young man who still acts like a teenage brat. Your response is great. He does not want to assume any responsiblity and your spanking should get the message across. This is the way it should be. You are both super!!!"

"Thank you for giving us week after week the excellent videos of real guys, getting real hard spankings (as so many actually need in real life)."

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"Let me add my positive "vote" to the others that have been registered. I really enjoyed the domestic OTK paddling scene you did with Seth. It was realistic and believable. I liked the scenario of the older teen who ought to have a job, but is being a lazy moocher--that is all too common these days! I loved the "ATTITUDE ADJUSTER" paddle you used. It was perfect for the scene... I appreciate your efforts, and look forward to the next one."

"I am sure I was not the only one who recommended a good hard spanking for Seth in response to the real life irresponsibility you described on the blog. I was pumped to see the idea enacted so well! Thank you!! This is a classic over the knee paddling on one of the most perfectly "spankable" bottoms on the planet! This paddling was rigorous, and I think the rapid-fire ending even surprised Seth! Your emotions and your words were also great! Well done!!"

"Seth was great, the dialogue was "short, sharp, to the point". Thoroughly enjoyable. Great job..."

"Today's video was excellent. A very realistic portrayal of how a real caring father should spank his son."

"Long-time subscriber here who rarely communicates much to you, but I must pause to let you know that today's video with Seth was STERLING. It was sooooo real-life. Verbal, otk, and a straight-forward paddling. Brings back the memories! Chase and Rex are always incredible, but Seth was in prime boy form today... Backward ball ap over dad's lap with briefs pushed down, and then paddled. That was a classic! ...Thanks to Seth, too, for this great video! This video will be getting replays; and some of my "boys" will be made to watch before they get their next paddlings."

"I LOVE this weekend's video.... Seth just how I like him, in tighty whiteys & over your knee."

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"well done with new video "irresponsible". you are much better at dialogue than you think you are. seth did a great job as well. but you're "acting" as disciplinarian came across naturally and without artifice. maybe it was a matter of art imitating life where certain young models could use a good paddling for being so flakey."

"this is the first time I have had a chance to say how much I enjoyed your latest video 's with both Rex and Dustin. The bonus video with Rex in particular was hilarious with great entertainment value he seems a really nice person..."

"The last video was first-rate! ...Great find in Dustin, and great first video!"

"Count me in the group that really liked the video... No dialog can be very good and and in this case his facial expressions as well as your carried the story. I really like that you could see the sweat on his face and a bit of movement of his testicles ... genuine look of a spanked young man... it was a winner for me."

"I liked the new video...the young man [Dustin] is a promising addition to your library of men being spanked."

"I thought the new vid with Dustin was superb. Dustin is just perfect in this segment. Looks like the kind of guy that would naturally experience this type of discipline, and his performance comes off as totally real. (Can't wait for the BTS segment!) He truly has a talent for this type of action, and the fact that he is cute as a button sure doesn't hurt!"

"I liked very much both of your last to videos, and Dustin is a good find."

"...i've watched this latest video with dustin several times now and his attractiveness has grown on me. as for no dialogue: between Dustin's quiet acting and your visuals and delivery (of the strap), it seem to have everything your site is about. the silent films of the late 1920s didn't have dialogue but simply thru their visuals they told us everything we needed to know, and often in a brilliant way. i like your dialogue-less videos like this latest because they seem to me to get to the point of what these videos are about with minimal distraction. as long as your visuals are sophisticated and your model is a good one, and in this case they both certainly were, you've got what i'm looking for."

"Once again a beautiful spanking scene....I think Dustin was perfect in the way he "told" you he was waiting for his Dad to show up in the shed and he was scared shitless....his facial expressions were terrifce..then he slowly undressed and faced the camera full frontal...walked over and waited for what he knew was coming...the took the strap for real in this video and marked up beautifully..his face contorting as each stroke was administered was great...and his face and neck started to glisten with sweat...this was a wonderful first video for a new congrats to him on his first spanking...I loved it !!!!!"

"[Dustin today] three words..."

"I'm sure you'll be getting a lot of e-mail to this effect, but Dustin's debut is a big hit, at least with me. It's not just that he's such a cute kid. He LOOKS like the sort of kid who would be spending a lot of time in the principal's office or the woodshed. He projects a sort of sad but resigned quality which suggests, "How did I get myself in this mess? AGAIN?" Until now, Travis was my favorite of all your models, but Dustin just might give him a run for his money, wherever he is now. I can't wait to see him in a school scene, or even better, an otk hairbrush scene... Keep up the splendid work. There is so little out there now for us male/male spanking enthusiasts. You are really invaluable."

"just HAD to write to tell you how much I enjoyed your latest video with the wonderful new model, Dustin. This boy is "total keeper"! He has natural, all-American-boy good looks, and no fucking tattoos, etc.! His body is naturally attractive (not too "buff") and I love that he doesn't mind letting us see what he has "up front." The video, itself, was a minimalist gem: the scene was stripped down to its bare essentials (just as Dustin was). I thought it worked wonderfully with no dialogue apart from your one announcement of the punishment. The scene was incredibly realistic, and I found it easy to imagine myself secretly watching a real country boy take a well-deserved tanning with a razor strop. To add to my enjoyment, it struck me that you and Dustin look enough alike (similar hair color, for example), that it is easy to imagine you are really father and son. Dustin's reactions were perfect. I actually prefer "stoical" boys, rather than those who shout and holler. Dustin didn't cry out, but I could tell, from his grunts and facial reactions, that he was in pain. The number of licks was just right--again, very realistic. I was "glued" to the screen, and will certainly watch this one again ... and again ... and again. Thanks for the pleasure! I am really looking forward to another scene with Dustin. I would love to see him get it OTK in another dad-son scene. PLEASE use him in lots of domestics scenes while he is still this boyish looking! Dustin is well worth my subscription payments."

"you have a winner in dustin. his reactions are subdued but definitely heartfelt. his sweating was a turn-on, a sign the razor strap was getting thru to him. in his quiet way, he totally absorbs us. not to mention how good he looked bending over that saddle... "

"The new video with Dustin is amazing and a nice treat this morning."

"I am a new subscriber to your lovely an entertaining website. The dedication to quality as well as consistent updates is refreshing. I was hooked from the first unexpected encounter with Spanking Central... Keep up the good work because it shows."

" the teaser with Dustin which you just posted in the BLOG... The fact that you treat your product as art rather than just some slam dunk junk is part of what makes Spanking Central special."

"Your new film with Rex is awesome... Keep up the great work!"

"Rex's responses and high-pitched whimpering or moaning was a first for him, I think. It's an honest reaction. And it's HOT!"

"I really enjoyed this Rex Punishment Day clip. It is one of the most expressive, HOT, encounters Rex has had with you - truly domestic. Totally works."

"I just watched the new video with Rex... in this particular video Rex was HOT....the acting and dialogue was terrific...he was very animated and I loved that...his ass is definitely one of the best and he marked up very I would put this one on my list of a "rewatch"....well done Cliff and Rex..."

"As you have stated on many occasions, you cannot not please everyone all the time. But you certainly hit a home run with Rex in this one."

"I thought it was a fine video. Rex is looking great these days."

"Two beautiful guys and two great shoots. Both guys have magnificent butts that look best when strapped. You really gave both the full treatment for a couple of the best scenes ever. You can't have Chase and Rex often enough. Thanks."

"Chase seems to be better looking every time you shoot him. In this edition of 'hoisted' he is an absolute icon of male beauty. Really really great photography. And a pretty good whipping too. As always, thanks to both of you for the best show on the web!!"

"Outstanding! I love the new video, especially the music. It seems to be constantly almost promising something that is not quite there, creating a tension between the sound and the visuals. I love the way the light and the shadows pick up on that, especially that first shot of Chase's face with those long eyelashes! ...I think this one is simply a work of art before you even consider how beautiful Chase is, which definitely adds to it all."

"Are you trying to kill off your customers? That exquisite lighting job that gave a chiaroscuro crispness to Chase's already crisply defined body and the outrageously intimate close-ups that made me smell his sweat and see his body heave beneath his taut and sculpted muscles...all of this almost gave this old fairy a fatal heart attack (was that a tongue mark on my computer screen?). This video should have a warning that watching it could be dangerous to one's health... The music was beautifully chosen to bring us to another place, and the visual of the video just took us further in that direction... Chase took his licks like a trooper but his "torment" was not in vain because your lighting, staging and music really made his body and its motion a veritable artwork... And if that wasn't enough, you ended it by suspending him off the ground and letting him 'twist in the wind' giving us beautiful views of him both front and back. Really...are you trying to do us all in?"

"Your recent film of Chase is a triumph of artistry and skill. Thank you for this perfection."

"BRAVO BRAVO and HAIL TO THE TRUE KING AND PRESIDENT OF SPANKING VIDEO WHO SERVES HIS LOYAL SUBJECTS AND SUPPORTERS. DITTO TO CHASE FOR HIS WONDERFUL CONTRIBUTION. In addition to the artistic presentation of the video, you and Chase touched every aspect of the art of spanking... Please know that you and your models are the best and highest quality. This video captures and says it all. Thank you for bringing much enjoyment. Your worth of every single penny. Other sites copy or steal from you because they can't touch your quality or those of your models. It's not an excuse just a lousy explanation. You are not just a another gay/pornographic site. You truly capture the art, heart, and soul of your fan's interest. You can not be duplicated. You work hard for us and please know that this video is another high quality product that can't be duplicated."

"Please allow me to offer a huge thanks for today's video with Chase. Powerful portrayal of his strong, humble personality dealing with the pain. Loved watching his muscles in his butt and legs quivering and the close-ups of his perspiration and his eyes. I admire him - the video is an illustration of the phrase Pain is just weakness leaving the body."

"Exquisite. Simply nothing more to say. [Chase]"

"The first time I came across your site some years ago I could not believe the quality. I have the same reaction to your work years later. Good luck taking on the pirates; and thank you for the amazing material you have produced."

"OMG OMG OMG....I just watched Chase....what a beautiful man....walking naked across the floor...Cliff this has to be a stand out video for both of you....the licks were in perfect place...the marks perfect...his ass perfect....the shot of his face sweating..and it running down his neck...perfect...then the end came..and I said oh damn....I wish he had done the spinning this time...and i saw your name...then dark...I was still quite happy with this being in the top 5 videos of all time...and I have seen them all....HOLY SHIT...the video comes back on and there is Cliff lifting Chase up off the floor...SWEEEEETTTTTTT wow...he spins him....perfect body...for all to see...Cliff you have outdone yourself with this one...even Chase's grunts were a turn on...all I can say is more more more...thanks"

"We watched the new video [Chase] and it is BRILLIANT! The lighting, slo-mo effect, background music and just everything were just perfect!! was great... The eroticism is just off the charts but tasteful as ever. Chase's performance was great throughout and the glistening sweat was very erotic... This is another really brilliant video that combines punishment, flogging, eroticism and does it all without a word of dialogue so the viewer's mind can just run with it. We felt a fun variety of emotions while watching this and just think it's wonderful."

"Got a chance to catch the video [Chase]. As I expected, you beat your own high caliber. The photography, close-ups, lighting, was all amazing (well the close-ups were probably amazing for others, but I can appreciate a good photo technique). The shadows, the pacing, all perfect... You just keep raising that bar higher and higher, striving to better yourself each time and doing a great job at besting yourself. Keep up the climb!"

"For the money your site is the best...and you have definitely responded to your members by showing frontals and other changes....I for one appreciate it greatly...."

"You have one of the best customer service track records ive ever seen. You have helped me when i had a question and were prompt."

"Thank you for a well run website."

"You have the best CP vids on Internet. Documentary, historical, great choreography, etc. !!!"

"You still the produce the best product in this field."

"First of all, I, too want to thank you for all of your efforts. I have subscribed to your site since the only model you had was ... Cliff (soon to be followed by Travis and Joe). Over the years, your product has done nothing but improve. SC is unique in that it caters to a very (relatively) small audience. I, for one, don't care for wimpy, patty cake, unrealistic spankings, nor do I want to view gratuitous sex nor do I want to see the model brutalized. When someone is spanked in real life (at least domestically), he is discomforted but not damaged. You have seem to have found the balance of realistic spanking, scenario, dialog, without hurting the guys. Obviously, your models like working for you as evidenced by your SCTV and BTS videos. Please don't stop."

"No one produces anything close to the quality that you do, and no one else uses the opportunity to incorporate artistic expression. Thanks. By the way, the latest with Axel, like Anton's "Discipline Dreams", is just amazing."

"I have to admit I am liking the behind the scenes videos [Premium Site] more and more as I watch really gives us a chance to see not only how you put things together, but also allows us to get to know the guys better."

"Just keep up the great work! You're the best at what you're doing!"

"Short, sharp, to the point. Good lighting, good display of a very attractive model [Chase]. Oh baby, you've done it again. Excellent work this time around. Now to do your other boys this way. Looking forward to it."

"Hi Would just like to say that I think your new 'recruit' Dustin is a real find - cute looks and without any tattoos or piercings - please ask him to keep it that way - a nice body doesnt need any 'art-work. Looks as though he will be great in any roleplay - good reactions and not shy as shown that he was Ok with some frontal shots in his audition. Hope he stays with you for some time and that we see lts more of him. A contented viewer."

"Your site is the best and it's great being part of the family at SC!"

"I just watched the SC-TV you recently posted....I wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed it...I really feel like we are friends...odd I know...but I just do...and all the models are ...well ..part of the family...I am excited about this new vid with Chase...because I love the sessions hanging like that...especially when you get to see all of the model...his facial his body reacts to the spanking etc...I wish the skater punk boi had worked out...would love to have seen you take him down a peg...but oh well...maybe he doesn't have a phone cause his cell bill is behind....LOL.once again...thanks for the continuing showing of the "family" outside of the videos..."

"What a cute kiddo and delightful young man you've found in Dustin. I viewed the audition yesterday and just finished viewing SCTV # 132 watching the two of you in the car. Count me as one of those you mentioned in the audition tape who would want to be seeing a lot of this new model. I hope things work out well for you and him."

"Loved the video [SC-TV] of the ride to the studio with Dustin. He is amazing."

"Congratulations!!!!!!! You did GREAT!!!! I love Dustin. He falls in with Spencer and Chase."

"Congratulations on snaring the new guy, Dustin, for appearances on SpankingCentral! He looks great, with a blockbuster smile and good personality! Hope he goes on to bigger and better things in the future at SpankingCentral."

"I agree with you that Dustin is solid gold. He is well-mannered, professional, intelligent, and best of all has no tattoos... Also, I am really enjoying your vacation videos. Thanks for sharing them with your viewers. Your site is the only one I am certain I will never leave."

"Enjoyed meeting Dustin in your latest! It looks as if you've got a real "find" there. And looking at your latest bloggings, he seems really fired up with enthusiasm about it, which is great."

"Well I finally got a chance to see Dustin in have hit a home run ..this kid is awsum...not shy...did a frontal on his first spanking.....damn....his facial expressions were terrific..and i can tell when roleplay is used he will be terrific....Congrats on getting a good one..."

"Good job with dustin. Cute, nice butt, nice reactions"

"All I have to say is, Are you Kidding Me? Damm, did you hit the lotto or what, Cliff? Wow, awesome... This kid is really something. Congrats again, he's going to be GREAT for spanking central!!"

"Add me to the list of viewers in the YES category for Dustin joining the team. Bring on the regular spankings!"

"I am only now viewing the new Dustin video after a long workday - and yeah, I wanted to echo the sentiments of how much potential this guy has! He has presence, some nice facial reactions, and of course, nice butt. Unless it's my imagination, he marks pretty well, too, right? :) I am sure you know a lot more about his potential and all than we do yet, but he seemed to me to be impressive in the interview and all as well. His suggestion of the scenario that he thinks would work is intriguing, coming from a non-spanko model. Of course, after greedily viewing the video first, I read the blog (as I always do) and it sounds like he's a hit (pun intended) with lots of viewers! And, of course, your comments about this mysterious new e-mail that blew you away is sparking my imagination... I love a good tease like that! :)"

"WOW! Take No Prisoners! That Guy [Dustin] Is Terrific! Keep Him Around and Spank His Ass Often, Long and Hard!"

"Hot Damn!!! You totally hit it out of the park with Dustin! He is absolutely amazing. I love everything about him: his looks, on-screen presence, personality, and his reactions. I'm betting he's a HUGE hit for you and Spanking Central! Congratulations on finding such a winner."

"I can see why Dustin is going to be the "new Spencer"--he's got that sling-him-over-the-shoulder-and-carry-him-off aura. about him. A real surfer-boy twink. OK...I'll stop drooling, but you first."

"Dustin is a great new model. I look forward to seeing him in your video clips in the future. He would be great in one of your school punishment scenes. Great job!"

"Dustin is very hot!!!! He's also blond which I particularly like (have a weakness for blond dudes). Hope we see lots more of him!"

"Want to add my voice to what will surely be lots of positive feedback on Dustin's interview. I loved his matter-of-fact approach, and obvious desire to please."

"A clear cut, across the board winner. [Dustin] Congrats!"

"Well, you certainly built him up big style. My finger has been hovering over my F5 button waiting to see this video, and by God you were absolutely spot on. I honestly thought you were over-doing the build up, but I was wrong. Dustin is JUST PERFECT for Spanking Central. He's cute, but not soft, and I can see such potential in him. When he said 'I hope they like it' I was almost shouting back 'Of course they will. Who wouldn't?' I really hope he stays around for a long time because he will be a huge hit on SC. Please heap lots of praise on the lad, he deserves it."

"Ten out of ten here [Dustin]. Just great"

"One word Cliff....PERFECT!!!!!!! Oh man he [Dustin] is exactly what you were looking for. The perfect young face and sweet bubble butt. Not to mention those green eyes and long lashes!!!! He seemed very comfortable with you too talking and undressing and getting ready. That is great!"

"Excellent news that Dustin is good to go for more. You should be glowing with excitement with this find. I am! And thanks for forwarding my comments to him, much appreciated. You, and your site, remain THE BEST!"

"Let's just say wow, you've got a winner... Great, amazing, and the high caliber suitable to you. Definitely worth the wait"

"You have discovered a potential goldmine! I predict Dustin will be as popular as Spencer and Chase. He has the perfect attitude, his responses are real, his endurance will be good, and he speaks intelligently. What could be better than that? Oh, did I mention he has the ideal spankable little butt? Get him back into the studio as soon as possible! I love that he even offered a scenario for a future shoot. I like the director/model reality idea. He could even help script it. A+ for this boy!"

"LOVE DUSTIN!!!!! Does NOT look like he's 23. And he has a VERY spankable butt. And he marks up very well. Can't wait to see him again...."

"Okay, I could not wait. I watched Dustin's audition and looked at the stills. He's GREAT! He has that combination of good attitude, relaxed nature and seems to be fine with the whole process, plus a cute face and very spankable butt. He also seems very relaxed in front of the lights and cameras. Oh, but those cane marks...nice! Yeah, he's a big wow for Spanking Central. The fact he even pitched an idea at the end also says a lot. Total thumbs up here... He's just great!"

"Glad I tuned in to your latest SC-TV. This kid [Dustin] is golden, you are right! Terrific. Happy for you and SC."

"Just saw the pic of Dustin...OMG....I hope he works out for you (and me) and SC.....he looks the part..."

"Definitely hit gold - love the look, and the accent! [Dustin]"

"TERRIFIC. I hope he [Dustin] signed on!"

"Nice! Very nice! I think he [Dustin] looks awesome! Wow!"

"Well, I am not known for hyperbole, but WOO-HOO! He [Dustin] really does bring that boy next door look back to SC! Nicely done!"

"I also want to commend you for your very professional site. I have looked at some others and I simply do not like them. One, I do not like that many are really porn sites. I do not find spanking as foreplay. I want to see spanking not two twinks sucking dick. Your models are men and they look like adults not young kids with a big dick. Keep up your excellent work!!! I do not find anyone that has your style or your sense of the professional."

"I loved the last Commentary with Seth. This always clarifies things for me. It was an extremely good punishment day presentation."

"Your latest video with Seth is very fine indeed. Simple believable plot and scenario, fine acting by both you and Seth... excellent dialogue, with the usual high quality attention to photographic detail, lighting and editing. In all a short, simple, straight-forward basic video but yet rather powerful in its effect. Congratulations to you both."

"Damn, Cliff!!! You really gave Seth one helluva strapping in this latest 'Punishment Day' video. Those stripes showed up magnificently and looked liked they hurt like hell! You could tell the licks were making an impression (no pun intended) on him... I know you don't like to show 'frontal' shots much in your videos, but in this one, I especially liked the close up butt shots that showed Seth's 'junk' between his legs... Thanks for giving us yet another brilliant spanking scenario of yours."

"The latest set with Seth was simply marvelous! The photography was first rate, the crease of the strap was very technicolor. And, Seth's acting was first rate (with you pounding the ass who needs to fake pain?). Excellent job."

"well done. seth's reactions were his best ever. don't know if it was the sting of that strap or he's getting better at acting. but that's why it was a good video."

"Well I just watched Seth...and I gotta tell ya....he is really gotten good at his expressions....I have always liked Seth and supported him even when he was on the edge of being dismissed....his dialogue is getting much more natural...nice vid.... I was thinking about the 2 1/2 hrs of you spanko talk....and I think if you talked like that during your would be an actor....cause you are great in those talks..."

"Your old mojo is back ! Very satisfying and even erotic "Punishment Day" with ever youthful Seth. His nude body looks so good stretched out like that. No one wields a strop like you! And his butt is literally painted. I must say the spanking seemed to have greater effect on Seth than in the past, with him taking longer pauses between strokes to collect himself for the next one."

"Absolutely perfect! I wouldn't be surprised if you told me this video was written with me in mind. It has everything I could ask for in it, including the scenario and the setting. The dialog is not only very well written and believable, but marvelously done! Seth is incredible! He did a fantastic job with his lines and his reactions were excellent! I don't know what you said to him or how you got to show a little more reaction and slow down, but he did an amazing job. Thank you for an outstanding video!"

"That was awesome!!!! Man he [Seth] took one hell of a beating with that strap!!!! I really thought he was going to burst into tears! I love these videos."

"Well you are probably going to think i am nuts....but I have spent the better part of this afternoon listening to your spanko comments....I listened to all of them at the same time and it made for great continuity for me... I want to tell you what an awsum thing it was for you to do...I totally enjoyed hearing about you from 4yrs old to the present...what an exciting life you have had...cloaking your fetish in all different ways...I loved the story about you tying yourself and having to call you Dad for help...really brought me back to a time i got into a issue and had to wake my Dad at 3 in the AM....damn.... Thanks for opening up and sharing...certainly helps us feel connected....SC is just a wonderful community...with all the friends...models....and of course some wacko members...but it makes for a community...we all hurt when someone is iin trouble ...we all laugh and get angry and cry...but we are still here supporting you and SC.....always..."

"Just got done watching Part 3 of your interview. I for one am really glad you decided to publish this series. I thought it was fascinating and I would think that many many people will also be grateful you were willing to open yourself up in this way... Thanks again for posting this excellent series!"

"I just wanted to say how fascinating your story of Spanking Central is. You certainly have a presence and a way of grabbing and holding your audience. I cant wait for the next instalment. I enjoyed watching both Brandon and Chris's video's. I particularly like bonus video's with Brandon he is a very entertaining young man as are a number of your models. You certainly get more than value for your money with Spanking Central!"

"I have no idea what responses these interviews have gotten from others - but for me, I am just thoroughly enjoying seeing them. A lot of things, especially in part 2, I can relate to my own life, even down to the Tarzan TV reference (although for me, it was Daniel Boone..."

"I like the way you relate to the young men you employ and that your videos, unlike some others, are never sleazy. That's why I subscribe to your site and not to others."

"It is truly horrid that you face piracy, stealing, dishonesty, and flagrant and open abuse of your work. The nerve of people who do this. Of course you will feel hurt, betrayed, and even angry. That is your right. And your blog is the place where you express all your emotions - as you've stated, you bare your soul. All your emotions - the good and the bad - you share everything. When you are happy, you share, and make others happy. When you are hurt, you also share - and at least for me I feel hurt for you (I can't feel the same as you, but I do feel that you are in pain and am upset that someone else has the audacity to hurt such a good person). But if you only posted the good, that would not be you - that would be a lie, only showing one side. What makes you, well you, is that you share it all - as they say in marriage vows for better and worse."

"I think it was brave of you to bare your soul for a full hour in the interview video [Part One]. I don't expect it came as any surprise that some people either weren't interested, or wanted to send ill-mannered emails to you as a result of it. Subscribers like myself who have been with Spanking Central for virtually all of your eight years, and have communicated privately from time to time, knew much of what you were saying because you've always kept us posted on developments & your intentions via the blog, but it was fun seeing you chat live on video at such length... I think you know how much I enjoy my Spanking Central membership. I sense that you will make a decision to call it a day sometime in the next couple of years, & that will be a loss to us all when it happens, but I think you're right about your place in male CP legend having been established."

"I found part one very entertaining! It explains a lot about the site and how we got to where we are. Good job and thanks!"

"I don't want to talk to much about the piracy problem you have as I don't want to reming you of it... You don't deserve to be going through this piracy crap, for a one man show you and SC are awesome! So much hard creative work comes out of you in a very timely reliable fashion. All those videos you have done, I don't know how you find the energy some times. If someone joins SC for a year at $250.00, that's just .69 cents a day. Considering the growing library, the blog, bonus videos, stills, behind the scenes still, SC-TV, Office Cam, great customer service, privacy, honesty, personal emails and a few things I'm sure sure I missed. What a wonderful deal. If someone does not want to be part of the SC family fine, but they don't have to ruin it for the rest of us!"

"Thus ends an Era! I can fully understand your exasperation with Chris and your frustration with his lack of initiative, but I certainly have enjoyed watching you beat his ass. His bouncy butt receiving punishment is a joy to behold, and I'm glad that there is a large archive of his sessions to be enjoyed long into the future."

"I have just been watching Part 1 of your "Conversations" video. I found it to be quite enthralling, and it has given me a much greater insight into your thinking and procedures. I must agree with you that Spanking Central is the pinacle of the spanking genre. (I watched the whole hour without any feelings of tedium!) I'm looking forward eagerly to the next instalment... Your videos are certainly the best spanking genre on the web, and may you be able to continue to produce the high quality material that you are producing now."

"I love this new video where you just sit down and tell your story. I guess I knew most of it by reading all the old blogs and through the emails we have exchanged, but there is just something really nice about being able to look at you and hear you talk about in your own words. Thank you so much."

"I have stayed here because of you. I have found you to be a very nice person who really cares about his customers. You answer every email I've ever sent. Any other website wouldn't take time to answer customer email. Especially if they said something negative. You also have always listened to ideas I've had for videos. No one has EVER done that. I mentioned seeing the boys wearing cutoffs and you made some(NO one wear them like REX). I also mentioned after seeing Rex in his ass tight Wranglers that he needed them busted and you did that. And the recent video with Damon handing his belt to you for a whippin..."

"...I enjoy the artistry of just about all your stuff. Today's paddling of Anton was right down my alley.. I love the guys with the fuller butts, so Anton is near perfection!"

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Anton's new video"

"the latest Anton film is unbelievably fine."

"Just to say superb! (Anton's Frat Paddling video). I defy ANY subscriber to dislike this one; great physique, ultra snug tightey whities, he looks 100% the frat pledge. A joy to witness his frat discipline."

"The new video is great. The intro music was another departure and I liked it. It got my attention. Anton was great and I enjoyed the simple plot with everything focused on that fantastic, off the charts gorgeous butt of his. He should never be allowed to wear pants with a butt like that! The three-stage paddling was cool and built anticipation."

"Loved the most recent Anton video, more scenes with Chase & Anton would be terrific. keep up the good work."

"...just wanted to let you know that I think that Seth's new video is one of your best - the best OTK Definitely. I really like the dialogue - this one and Damon's report card video are very believable and both Seth and Damon did a great job acting. These father/son scenes are definitely my favorite and you do a great job in depicting them!"

"This video was EXCELLENT! It was so realistic and Seth deserved the otk spanking with paddle on his naked butt."

"I reviewed your OTK with Seth again over Sunday coffee. There is a lot there!!!! The plot is believable... In all, this is one of your best productions and is model independent."

"Your latest OTK with Seth was as far as I am concerned one of the best you have ever done."

"Seth's video: To each his own, but I thought this latest one with Seth was just stunning! The story line, the acting, the reactions, everything just jelled... In truth, this is one of the best Seth has done, and one of the best of the past few months. Simple, direct, and easy to identify with."

" I really liked Seth's video... I totally enjoyed the dialogue throughout, and thought you both did a great job!"

"So, when I read your blog I went into the file and played the video with Seth for the first time, it "IS" the best OTK video you produced, WITHOUT QUESTION, and not only that, the best OTK video I have seen, and I am including videos I have seen from [redacted] in this comment... It is clear to me that a lot of work has gone into this video to make it so realistic, you could not have made it more realistic, this is just how it happens in households today across the country, not just the US, but the UK here as well... This latest production of yours was spot on, and I agree, some of the best work you have done, but to just say that would do an injustice to your previous years work, for example, the past 12 months videos have been fantastic, your work with the Altar of Atonement and Confessions were superb and again realistic, not pie in the sky fantasy, I really enjoy your work and your talent, lets face it, I would not keep subscribing if I didn't !!!!"

"We think you and Seth were great with the dialog. He was better than I think I have ever seen him in terms of the performance aspect... I really think this broke new ground in m/m erotica and is really difficult to classify as a result. I am sure many are feeling the same way we are this morning, having to take in the gentle push outside our expected envelope of response. "

"I wanted to chip in my two cents' worth, because I also feel, like you, that this *is* one of the best OTK videos you've done. Admittedly, this video contained many of my more favorite things (wooden paddle, Seth, some spanking on those beautiful sleep pants), so maybe I am biased, but I absolutely loved it! It's unsurprising I am a fan, though, since I am a fan of almost all of your work. Even when it's not my "favorite things" being featured, I always find it enjoyable."

"I just looked at the new cellphone video with Seth that you posted yesterday, and I strongly agree with you that it's one of the best you ever produced. It's a success that satisfies (me, for one) because of its realism and complexity. I know it's more challenging to produce and edit a film with this week's video's amount of dialogue, emotion and reactions, but I was glad to see you move back into that mode and make the effort again at something you do extremely well. The plot and dialogue were realistic and well developed, the timing and cutting excellent. Although the ending I felt was a little off-hand, everything up to it had me glued to the screen."

"I've got to say that Seth52 is one of your finest productions. The acting throughout is excellent, both on Seth's part and on yours; the dialogue is superb and the scenario thoroughly convincing, even using an actor of Seth's age. (In some ways he still looks like, and behaves like, an 18 or 19 year old!) Technically, the lighting, camera work and staging are (as usual) flawless and up to your usual very high standards. As soon as I saw this production - only a few minutes ago - I was "blown away" and almost speechless... The are no spanking sites on the web that I know of that produce anything like the standard of perfection that you do."

"I have been waiting for and wanting a video that felt like a real case scenario and this one does it for me. It's perfect! I love the tension and the confrontation. It's just like what I think an angry dad would do and the otk is awesome! Seth is really getting to be a better actor, or that was one good spanking!"

"I just got done watching this week's video and I wanted to let you know that I thought the dialog was some of the best you have done."

"This has to be one of your better OTK sets. Seth handles dialogue well. The paddling with the nighties on was very inspiring. However, Seth has one of the best asses I have seen in a long time. That framed in a jock strap was both art and inspiration. In short, this set had balance, dialog and a great model."

"I just read your most recent blog entry. Your work and talent are a beacon of light in my hectic and overworked life."

"As always, the insights - to the video itself and your business as a whole - what keeps me coming back again and was a great thing to see the "director's cut" version - the version that always costs more in the store and that you kindly share."

"keep it up....your site is actually the best around"

"You are very hard on yourself. I guess that is what drives you to produce such good films. I have subscribed to some of the other companies but you are the one I stick with because your "worst" films are better than all of theirs. Keep up the great work"

"Thanks for making Fridays so nice for me!"

"Wow those wicked welts from the birching; impressive, thanks More of the same soon, please!"

"This Dude [Damon] is a natural, period! Special character all the way ... great body, fresh face with genuine reactions and of course a butt to match it all! ...Cliff, as always, your work with attention to detail and kindness towards your models is second to none ..."

"Your videos are great as always (and dayum, Chase, yummy). The reality is often really amazing. I'm so grateful there is no sex in the videos, that just spoils it on so much spanking video where they spank for a couple minutes, if that, then have sex. Another thing I really like is your site is so straightforward and honest. So many adult sites are so scammy."

"My life would be a far less joyous experience without your artistry."

"Thanks for the recent extraordinary films! I have really become a Damon fan. His acting is so real and your involvement with him reinforces the intensity."

"Appreciate your good works and keep it up."

"I know that this production was filmed some time ago (in fact, the watermark says 2010 !), but I must say that Rex has never looked better, and it was a pleasure to see him again. And my, did you give him a switchin' with that birch ! What welts ! And he took them without shrieking , another big plus... PS What a classy note from Chase."

"Thank you, Cliff. Your a class act. I'll be back!"

"Hi Cliff.....I liked your video of you hiking naked in the woods. Your just as good looking now as you were in younger days. Seen that cute butt in the "Cliffboy" videos and at 54 still just as cute."

"Just saw your newest video with Rex taking that birching. Absolutely OUTSTANDING. Rex can certainly take a punishment and You delivered it BRILLIANTLY... I can't stress enough just how well done this was delivered and taken. Fantastic"

"I was relooking at some of your older postings, I'm sure you recall the ones you did in the barn where you tied the ankles and raised them upside down and used a switch. I still consider those the very best ones you've done, you did 3 I think all around the same time, and would recommend revisiting it with some of the new guys....just a spectator's opinion. Good work."

"YES!!!! Your video of you hiking is SPANKING WONDERFUL!!!! I've done it...loved it...and will gladly do it again in a heart beat. There is also nothing like a spanking session in nature. I've done that also and the experience is just awesome. Glad you made the video and please don't feel you offer an apology to anyone. Viewers can choose to see or choose not to see...I personally perfer to see and glad I did. As always, you do not disappoint."

"I'm the guy who had to send you a $50 bill for my subscription. You started it over the phone even before you got the money. I've never forgotten that- customer service above & beyond..."

"That was a most excellent way to retire Chris!!! He was my favorite at one time and I truly enjoyed his last video at SC. You always do such great work and never let us down!"

"What a fine video is "Damon: The Report Card!" Damon is chastised for an unacceptable report. Not only is he obliged to keel, drop his pants and bend over, he is also required to surrender his own belt to become the implement of chastity. Huzzahs to Cliff for another paramount production! Would it that he could receive an Oscar for this one. Keep on keepin' on, Cliff. Thank you."

"Another great bonus video! [Premium Site] For my part, I find these bonus vids are essential to the full enjoyment of the main feature! Damon is becoming a very cute model. We get to see a bit more depth here than before."

"I loved the way you used the Miscellaneous Video [Premium Site] to "talk" with us about Aaron, rather than just a written post. It is so typical of your thoughtful approach to issues, from rants to affirmations, and lots of sharing of insights along the way. This is truly a unique site!"

"Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Your assessment was on spot. I downloaded a different player, and all is fine!"

"I think your latest spanking video, involving Damon and his bad report card, is one of the best I have ever seen. You have previously pointed out that you and your models are not actors; but I think the acting in this video is very good. The little "plot" added a lot to the hot spanking. Damon reacted to the strapping as most adolescent boys might have reacted--sobbing a bit at the end but holding back from actually bawling.."

"Your latest video with Damon is excellent, the dialog is well done, and Damon is a fine actor."

"I just wanted to take a minute to comment on your latest video. In a word? AWESOME! I've mentioned before that Damon isn't one of my top 3 models ... but this video was GREAT! Loved everything about."

"Just a short note to let you know that I thought your latest Damon video (Report Card) was outstanding. Damon is a great model but your dialog and presentation were also perfect."

"I LOVE THE NEW VIDEO!!!!!! Damon looks HOT in 501's and I loved the concept of making him take off his belt and hand it to ya!!!!!!! Keep up the good work"

"Best yet with Damon."

"I LOVE DAMON. The 2 vids you've done with him are pretty much the most realisitic, not over the top in any way but REAL, that I think you've ever done. I love the fact that he's not young/small enough to actually feel BAD for while you're doing your thing, and he is totally believable in his reactions. This last one you just posted is PERFECT when it comes to realism."

"the real reason I've wanted to talk to you is to tell you what a great website you have. You are so good at what you do. Sometimes I feel you get down on yourself because you can't please everyone but what makes your site so great is that you have a little something for everybody. Yeah, I have favorite scenarios but it wouldn't be fair for me to expect you to cater to my wants and say the hell with the rest of your subscribers. They're paying customers too. Actually, when I came upon your website I was intrigued, I mean you have nice looking models and you make everything so authentic looking..."

"just renewed for another year. think this makes it 5 years. think your efforts have paid off."

"He [Chase] looks just great, better each time I think. And that 'saddle' shows him off very well."

"your latest video with Chase is AMAZING."

"The content just keeps getting better and better. And wow that Chase is a great find."

"If folks don't like today's set they are aliens! Chase at his best taken by Cliff at his best. This one, I have down loaded."

"Chase looks magnificent! I enjoyed his video very much. I really like the visual effects of this video."

"Well, you keep satisfying me ! You use one of my very favorite implements from the SC arsenal. You take your time to display Chase in his glorious physical perfection, a full fourteen minutes of eye candy. You provide a meaningful experience of serious CP. You have him count the strokes out loud, which he does in a firm, almost welcoming voice. You capture his manly demeanor. You impart pretty stripes to literally decorate his butt. I feel like it was MY birthday."

"Chase is so incredibly beautiful, I loved this latest video... Congrats on achieving 400 videos, Cliff. Impressive!"

"You seem to have a winner with Aaron. He comes over as a bright intelligent personality and he certainly looks good. You must be very pleased with your find. The SC-TV has been very entertaining as well this week."

"What a find! Aaron is like the all American boy! I like his laid back good humor and sensitivity! And his looks! Wow, what a great body, so smooth and perfect. Not too skinny, not too muscle y and a great bottom! I hope he stays!"

"I just finished watching your new vid with Aaron ... he is definitely a keeper! It looks like you already have a great repertoire with him! And it looks like he might, MIGHT, be able to give Axel a run for his money in the take a licking department ;) I look forward to more!"

"Now, I have had the time to look at Aaron. WOW! He speaks in sentences, he has poise, he has a body Adonis would have done strange things for, and he takes pain almost like he enjoys it."

"This guy [Aaron] is a winner. I think a bedroom scenario like you did with Nico would suit him very well. Beautiful"

"I think Aaron is a very promising boy. He looks smart and healthy (physical and mentally), no tatooes...very good indeed."

"Aaron is definitely a keeper in my book. Hopefully the other new model you are considering will be as good."

"Voted in your snap poll - "thumbs up" needless to say. Aaron is very much my type, massively so, not least because apart from his attractive looks he seems intelligent and a really nice person - and a good sport for agreeing to do that twice in two days. I hope we'll see him a lot - and once he's done a couple of videos for you and gets the hang of it, you should commission some screenplays from him for future episodes! A young screenwriter has got to learn his craft..."

"I know you value subscriber feedback, so let me say that I am in the "Thumb's up!" category 110%! Cute face, great body, [Aaron] ability to take whacks--but not be too stoic about it. He is quite a delight."

"Can't believe this kid took that two days in a row after never having been spanked in his life. Aaron is very gutsy and a terrific sport. Looking foward to many more of his visits."

"Me thinks, me likey Aaron! I vote THUMBS UP! Best new guy since the introduction of Chase!!!!!"

"Well I just watched Aaron's vid.....he is excellent....great body...great ass...wonderful personality... I think you have a star here..."

"Wow, what a boy [Aaron], congratulations"

"Great teasers in the blog, as always; you really know how to draw an audience in and keep them coming bac"

"Oh yes!! I like the look of Aaron already!"

"I won't hold back. OMG HE IS CUTE [Aaron] and what a spankable butt!"

"I wanted to give you my feedback on your video just posted with Anton where you used that switch. My feedback is: PERFECT!"

"Thank you very much for the latest episode of 'Barnyard Blistering.' Your aim was spot on, as usual... You produced a perfect set of 'tramlines', graphically displayed by a high standard of photography. Also Anton produced another stoical and realistic performance. The deep thoughtful stare he has whilst awaiting strokes, is very authentic."

"WOW!!!! I loved this one! Okay, maybe I have a thing for Anton's gorgeous butt, a bit of wispy hair that says this is no boy, but man, did this get me going. The slow motion start to this pushed all of my erotic buttons, especially as Anton moved back and forth a bit to arrange himself in preparation. Then there were those awesome welts on that gorgeous behind of his and the idea of him willingly taking it without screaming or yelling."

"Thank you for all the work you do to provide us with wonderful vids and pix."

"The last video of Damon is superb"

"Well I just got to watch one of my favorites...DAMON.....what an actor....and he took it really well...I am waiting for the bonus vid...which gives me more about the background of the session.... thanks again for a straight forward no nonsense was usual"

"First, thanks for the wonderful work you do with the site and thanks for being so caring about your models.... I love the site and the blog..."

"damon's video today was smokin'. i admire his gutsiness and was turned on by his reactions. your lighting especially on his face was perfect. i don't know why you had reservations about it: i thought it was a winner. i admire a fellow who's trying to push his limits; i think damon was doing that. at least it came across that way and that's why the video worked so well."

"I have been meaning to write to you for some time to tell you how much I appreciate the site and the skill and attention to detail you deploy in producing the episodes for SC."

"I am anxious to congratulate you for your work. I appreciate variety and quality of your films and it is what makes the value of your site."

"...many thanks for your site and work. It is both enjoyed and appreciated, in particular your more artistics endeavours."

" far as Axel this week............ I don't think I have ever seen a spanking scene where a boy's butt was so literally 'painted' red as you did with that strop on him. It is a sight to see. Again, Axel is heroic, taking what must have been excruciating pain with mere grunts. Fine production !"

"I've been looking around the site, and cannot express enough the admiration I have - it is so professionally done, so tastefully approaching what could easily become a tasteless presentation of a topic that is often ostracized. It is amazing how you have taken what could easily be a distastefully presented subject and turned it into a true artform that presents in a manner that is artistic, personal, and yet I am assuming from what I've read in your blog and viewer feedback meets the needs of a wide range of people."

"I love the Great American spanking series."

"This "Great American Spanking" series is unquestionably one of your most extraordinary creations. It is so true to life it's almost spooky. This one definitely "hit close to home"- pun intended!"

"It was great to see yet another Spanking Central TV episode, this is what makes your site truly unique and valuable, the insights into lives, without being too invasive. You walk this line so carefully, and yet respectfully and tastefully... It is greatly appreciated to hear the back-end of the videos - I find this to be, along with the conversations, the true value of your sight - the showing the real life, both the good and bad, of the work you do... I wanted to write, having taken time to view older episodes of the Behind the Scenes videos, and wanted to again take the time to thank you for sharing these insights into lives of people who work with and for you. Seeing these insights makes the work you do come to life and be real, rather than simply fantasy..."

"...while I have not previously been a big fan of Spencer, I have very much enjoyed the last few sessions, including the BTS."

"Have to say, this last episode with Spencer was the best. Great relaxed shoot and really paid off, in my opinion. I have been away for awhile, but signed up for another 90 days when I saw that Spencer was back. Glad I did. Like the new models you have, too! Glad I'm back. Feels like home..."

"Today's video post of Spencer is so welcome, on many levels. He still appears to be such a beautiful boy - game to take this caning, even though he hates it. His body reactions, toes curling up, teeth-clenching chortles show this lad can STILL take 6 of the best. It's another wild, wonderful video."

"Fantastic job on the TRex BTS segment. I personally like the BTS segments rather than the actual "Prime Time" since it includes the banter, and usually a tad more eye candy... keep up the good's getting better..don't know where you get your energy from."

"thank you very much for checking on my account... compliment on your site... great clips and all done in a good spirit..."

"Rex sure looked good bent over like that & getting it good with that paddle... Very satisfying."

"I don't know where to start in describing my feelings about "The Great American Spanking." I had thought that the video with Rex and Spencer, "No Mercy for Young Men", was my favorite, but now you give us this phenomenal video! Everything about it was absolutely superb."

"Another home-run for you and SC! This is my favorite scene with Rex, so far: I loved your 'Walton"-esque commentary, fitting the theme and motif perfectly here. And it's one of the most intense paddling sessions I've ever seen, anywhere. WOW! And yet, quite domestic."

"Cliff, Just had to drop you a line and say how much I enjoyed seeing your videos with with Chase an Neco. They both look so good on camera. Good to be back. Keep up the good work."

"I wanted to write and say that the method you used in this newest video (of Rex), the narrative and setting it as a historical documentary, was a novel approach and led an auditory interest to the video. You are very inventive, imaginative, and innovative, and I can only say I am truly awed each time I see something new."

"I just saw the new miscellaneous video and really appreciate how you share the background, the insights, and admit your challenges openly. It is refreshing to see this, and really makes me glad I spent to become a member. "

"I still feel that what you produce is FANTASTIC and that your business practices with the models and your customers are above reproach!"

"I loved Chase's bts today. There is something about the real thing that appeals to me so much."

"The new videos of Chase and Axel are amazing; the discussion of thought that goes into these, the insights into lives, it truly brings these videos and the models (and you) to life, and makes this site truly worth the money to see these behind the scenes videos. Keep up the great work, and please send my thanks to all who share their lives and experiences."

"I admire your work keep it up."

"Hi Cliff, just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the student discipline series, another great video with Chase. Well done."

"Well done Cliff. The boy [Chase] is not only wonderfully photogenic, but can act with intelligence and expressiveness. Of course a few stripes may have something to do with that !"

"I gotta tell you Chase may be the best guy yet. He's damn well buit and his butt looks hot getting caned now lets see him get a HARD paddling . Keep up the GREAT work."

"I would just like to thank you for your latest Chase video.I am sure it will be a favourite with all British customers. Chase was magnificent. Going by the weals, that must have hurt! Your aim was impressive as well.I liked the way you built up tension with the silence. It was very much like the way it used to be done. Carrying out a duty without emotional involvement."

"Despite the fact that I almost had to call 911 to have an EMT come over to defibrillate me when Chase disrobed ~~ I did manage to make it through the whole video after all without having a heart attack. Mind you, I was still a bit light-headed by the time he got dressed again - due to a good deal of blood racing to my groin as he walked toward the bench... And even though I'm not a cane devotee, watching him take it with what appears to be some serious misgivings was a delight to watch."

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"Again - another Home Run! Axel is one of my favorites & watching him get it with the switch on your new toy... Mesmerizing ..."

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"...once again, first class production values. You've succeeded in getting me to broaden my mind, not to mention my libido. Yes, you are turning me into a "spanko""

"Great job (as usual) with Axel...but then again with Axel, that's a redundancy."

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"You've created a beautiful homage to a beautiful young man in Anton's latest."

"...this was a superstar performance from Anton, and it is only accomplished with a skilled producer and director... This production was a treat to behold, but a powerful demo of why SC is peerless..."

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"A work of Art! Anton's sculptured bottom and your video presentation. Hire that suit now for the Oscars."

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"Just wanted to let you know that I thought your last video with Damon was terrific. Damon is a very good actor and hot as hell. He is one of your best models. I rank him third with Rex No. 1 and Chase No. two. Please use him often. Thanks."

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"I just wanted to compliment you on your recent film with Damon. You are both incredible in it. Realism and energy and a believable plot; I was swept away."

"I've been a member for a long time, given constructive criticism and praised you many times. THIS VIDEO IS YOUR CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT. Damon is a superstar, the reactions were so real and you absolutely didnt give any impression of easing up for "his sake" and therefore the spanking was REAL REAL REAL. He's a handsome young man who got the thrashing of his life and came through it. Good for him, good for you and GREAT FOR ME!"

"Looks to me like you have struck GOLD again with Damon...his sense of manliness ..stripping without hesitation and showing frontal first video...he is definitely secure in himself..was terrific ....also his facial expressions when you told him his punishment is exactly what you would expect of a high school kid...shaking his head in disbelief etc...and you were right..he took a great session....loved his whole reaction to the strap....another awsum SC video... Thanks Cliff....there is no one out there that produces this kind of product..."

"I am more than satisfied, indeed I am very pleased with the new Damon production... thanks for a fine Friday."

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Damon's video. Very nice build-up: I particularly enjoyed his body language when contemplating his fate. His attempts to see what was going on without moving his head were also very effective & his reactions were equally impressive."

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"Hey! What a nice treat on a Friday! We have been enjoying the back to basics current that has been running through your new videos this year.. It's really cool. There is something about the whole school punishment thing which taps into some universal memories and emotions. You and Damon were really good in this... Damon is easy on the eyes and I enjoyed his reactions very much. The way you built up the tension in the opening was cool and very true to life. The way you wound up that big strap onto his butt was really good!"

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"I just watched your commentary on the last Nico video. I enjoyed it. The dialogue for that video was worth the effort. I love your inclusion of what I call the "language of spanking," the phrases and trigger words that are so much a part of our shared interest! ..."

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"HI CLIFF, Well you actually blew me the hell did you get SPENCERRRRRRRR.....OMG...I went one will ever beat him....his screams...his beautiful ass...and his personality...just perfect...the only other model close is Chase....who matches him in most every category.....but that vid was not only hot...but just like he never fact I went back and checked the date to make sure it wasn't something you had in the can from a couple of years love the new spanking bench even though it has some kinks to was very nice....thanks again for an unbelievable video...."

"Hi Cliff ... I am sitting here on a cold rainy day in Tokyo and am sooo amazed at the service that you have provided. It's off the radar in terms of excellence. Thank you."

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"Concerning Spencer... OH MY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I had a rough day @ work. It's raining & cold. And I came home to find that you & Spencer have once again teamed up to make me scream: " Oh My God! " with every accent on every syllable & more exclamation points than I can type. If this clip doesn't crash your servers, I'd be very surprized. 2 Spanking Oscar-worthy performances."

"Great to see Spencer back... Still has a great butt which must be a pleasure to spank."

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"Outstanding!!!! Good to see Spencer return and extra hot that he was taking his spanking on a bottom that wasn't at all used to it after 18 months away from Spanking Central. He sure has a peach of a bottom. However, the real star of tonight's presentation was....... the new bench! Congratulations, it is an awesome spanking bench, it presented Spencer's backside perfectly for his paddling... What a good time to be a subscriber! Kudos."

"Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know where to start! Awesome! Amazing! Impossibly perfect!"

"Your latest video of Spencer on that new bench is incredible!!! Personally, i feel it is your best video ever. Spencer is so awesome to watch, and frankly i like the real interaction more so, than contrived scenes. Speaking for myself this is the kind of video i MUCH prefer: There is enough trust in that he lets you secure him, there is enough genuine caring on your part to keep it fair. The mutual respect at the end of the video is perfect. Without being negative or critical of any other video, I dont see how this can be surpassed by much."

"Hi Cliff, just watched your latest video, that spanking bench is awesome!!! and it was a nice surprise to see Spencer again, once again you've come up with something different."

"I am out of breath after watching that! Spencer never disappoints but this was more than just a homecoming to SC. This was a great performance. His facial expressions as you strapped him to the spanking bench were priceless! The spanking bench itself is really cool and it was fun to see it in action."

"So good to see Spencer in the video - amazingly boyish, still; great facial reactions. He's still a star... And your new device, that spanking bench, is wild! Impressive. Accents all the right portions, fun to see it in action."

"What a great surprise! Just four minutes in, but very happy to see that he's [Spencer] doing so well. Such an amazing community you've created here, where long-lost connections can be renewed in the blink of a camera's eye. You know, of course, that when you eventually sell the site, that quality of community will never be replicated. But that's ok, because it will be your time to move on. And we will all have had an extraordinary journey, individually and collectively, because of you."

"I loved the Spencer set! He certainly does not look a year older."

"Hi Cliff, You have a great site."

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"I've just caught up with the latest video of Nico's OTK spanking, and I think its fair to say your blog comments/teasers were completely accurate and justified. There are some absolutely stunning visuals in that video. Nico's butt is a joy to behold, the dialogue gave the whole scenario a good 'back story', and there was just those little glimpses of frontal nudity that added an extra special dimension to the video... This one certainly did it for me!"

"that video with NIco...was OMG....he was were perfect....when you said go to your room and wait for me...I wanted to get up from my chair and go wait for my Dad....damn...was hot hot hot and then you let us see this cutie from the front...holy shit...well done..."

"I wanted to let you know that I really like "Nico's Consequences". I enjoyed the dialogue and that boy just had the butt for the over the knee stuff (and the youthful face). His reactions are always realistic and vocal."

"Your last Nico video was a spanker's delight! Nico has that boyish adolescent look so perfect for a domestic OTK situation! And I enjoyed every word of the realisitic dialogue. The footage "before" and "after" the spanking were an additional treat! ...Looking forward to Anton. The teasers [Blog] were wonderful!"

"This latest with Nico is just GREAT!!!!!!!!! ... For those who like them cute (who does not?) he is a winner. Also, it was pleasantly evident that he also enjoyed having that cute ass warmed on uncle Cliff's knee. Nice profile views."

"Awesome video, Cliff! This video is great - Nico over the knee makes for a great scene anyway - he's a great model!"

"WOW! Okay, overly-self-critical artist, you did it again... Nico was just great. His reactions and lines were really good and he took all of that well... I also appreciate the teaser shots in the beginning and at the end. Those could have easily been edited out but I really appreciate a few brief, erotic shots and let's face it, Nico is nicely built down there... It was sexy as all hell but in keeping with the theme and all that had gone before and just in the right balance... You took this up a few notches while sticking with a known theme which I know many viewers really like. For me, it's part of a cornucopia of mind-teasing themes and so nice to see it done so well... Great job!"

"Your new Nico video is hot. I like everything you innovate. My favorite models, Anton and Chris, are always fantastic in your films. You have given your customers many hours of pleasure and relaxation. Thank you for that!"

"Just to say the last few movies have been great. The boys laying on the bed with their great backsides raised up look fabulous. The acting is also getting much better! (or maybe they are not really acting!).. Thanks again and regards to you and the 'cast'"

"I just watched Seth49bts [Bonus Video] - FANTASTIK! OK, I watched it a couple times and I only have one question . . . . . . how the hell did you talk him into 100 licks with a belt? YEOW! Seth was just perfect, as he always is, and he is really looking great. This is going to be one of my all time favorites - great setting, perfect dialogue, and the best model. Once again, a thoroughly enjoyable vid . . . . well, for me . . . . for Seth not so much ."

"The report card grade for the School Daze video with Seth is, without question, an "A+." We all have a variety of tastes that you so sensitively and graciously try to accommodate. For my tastes, Seth has the perfect buttocks for spanking!... Nico's pictures - smoking hot! [Blog] Can't wait to see the video!"

"This is, without a doubt, one of THE HOTTEST videos you've done with Seth in a very LONG time!!!"

"Just quick feedback on Seth's latest spanking...I loved tonight's offering."

"I just watched the BTS segment with Chris....I gotta tell you ....even with the dialogue shut off he was still in character....NO ONE ..and I mean NO ONE...has ever reached his ability for realism in spanking...the tears are real...and the reactions are real...kudo's again to him and of course you for bringing that out of him..."

"Your latest video of Chris is amazing. I am completely in awe of your skill again. Chris is certainly not my favourite, but you both this time produced a thoroughly stunning video. My congratulations to you both. Tonight I will be looking at the BTS - I can hardly wait!"

"I just got to see Chris.....HOLY SHIT... THIS KID HIT THE BALL OUTTA THE PARK WITH THIS ONE... thank Chris for me..he made my day..."

"Just a note to applaud your new film with Chris, who is actually one of my favorites. The realism and emotion of this film is sheer genius."

"WOW!!!!! That is the most realistic belt whippin I have EVER seen!!!!! And Chris's tears made it ever more real. I'm sure most guys can remember Dad whippin them with the belt and the tears flowin just like Chris... I also think it is THE BEST most REALISTIC spankin I've EVER seen.... Too bad they don't give an Academy Award for spanking videos because I would give him one for that performance... thank you for all the time and effort you put it to giving us HOT spanking videos. I know it's not always easy to satisfy all your subscribers but I think you are doing a great job. And I've always appreciated the fact that you respond to all my emails and you've even incorporated some of my ideas into your videos."

"Thank you for Chris' video! Chris really is amazing. This is now my favorite video of his. The dialog was great, as always. Thanks for another outstanding video!"

"I thought the latest video with Chris was amazing. It really seemed like a true to life scene. Chris did a great job making me believe that he was honestly sorry and enduring a real experience. The crying really makes a difference. I think that this was the most realist video you have made, with the exception of Chris's first "Consequence" video which also appeared to be actually the real thing? Or was it just good acting on both your parts? Seemed real when watched along with reading the blog. By the way, I think the confessions series is one of my favorites. I love to hear about the models' true life experiences and what they got away with - or almost got away with! Thanks again for all you do."

"Cliff, What can I say? It really is the most real spanking I think I've ever seen [Chris]. Amazing. Heart breaking. Awesome! I have a friend whose step father used to whip him like this and I never really envisioned how awful it really was until now. I thought I'd imagined it, but this just left me in tears.Thank you"

"very nice whipping you gave to chris ,turned him red , love his reaction , that strap works well on a boy , thanks "

"That is a SMOKING RED HOT picture of Anton! [Blog] One of your best! Some of those curves are in the Sistine Chapel! Pure male. Pure beauty."

"My reason for not writing sooner about Chris' video was that I was trying to find the word to describe it. His performance left me speechless... This video has to be one of (if not THE MOST) realistic spanking productions you've ever posted. The way Chris was squirming with each lick, crying and constantly saying "Im sorry" was so very real it was almost "creepy" (but in a good way!) It was so true to life... It was almost eerie how close it came to depicting a spanking I've endured. I think that's why it was so hard for me to write my feelings/ opinion about this video. 'One Sorry Boy' is now officially my favorite of all the videos you've done with Chris (and maybe anyone!)"

"I am glad to hear that you are approaching the matter of dialogue with new confidence; and that you plan to keep on keeping on with the best productions in the business."

"I am always amazed at how hard you work. If you did not provide such an informative and detailed blog, your subscribers would have no idea what goes into your productions. I also love the insights that you give into the lives of the models. It is fascinating! I loved the last video you posted with Seth. Just as you described your view of Travis' bottom as ideal, I would say the same for Seth's. And he is the "typical bad boy" that everyone knows needs discipline. You clearly have been more than a paycheck giver to him. I hope he stays in Fresno... You work with a volatile and unpredictable group of "emplyees" and with a clientele of highly opinionated people. Keep up the good work!!"

"I am writing to tell you how much I loved the Seth was really really great...upbeat and perfect for the prison scene....also loved seeing Seth walk in frontal and rear...nice touch...He is still a good model for you.....loved it"

"In your latest BTS with Chase you both comment that you are, neither of you, professional actors. You could have fooled me!!! Almost all of your models are good actors or develop acting ability through working with you in your videos - some become outstanding, as you are yourself. Add to that your skill and imagination as a producer, director, script writer and film editor and Spanking Central videos become the top of the range."

"It was REALLY good to see Seth again after such a long absence... you gave us another top-notch production."

"Your recent dorm room spanking of Chase is the best in months!"

"Due to circumstances beyond my control, I've only now been able to watch Chase in School Daze [College Daze]. It's a MASTERPIECE !!!"

"Just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job you did on the "Long John's and Leather" commentary today. I absolutely love to hear your thoughts and insights while the video is playing. I know time doesn't allow you to do it on every video (and if you did, then the "specialness" would wear off), but I sure enjoy the videos that much more when you are able to include a director's commentary."

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"Your most recent film with Chase is MAGIC! I applauded throughout at the artistry and brilliance of the performances. You and he have such a powerful chemistry on screen. Thanks so much for this wonderful work of art."

"this Chase video is stellar"

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""Chase" was one of your best productions! It hit just about all the buttons (mine at least)... It started off with a neat sync of music "Pling" with the flash on of "Chase" and continued at the same level of technical perfection to the very end. The photography of his beautiful body as well as that MAGNIFICENT ass was flawless. That belt looked and sounded vicious! Chase obligingly colored up nicely... The dialog was believable and delivered well. Chase's response to the belting needed no emoting! The end of the clip will be worn out rerunning the really sexy flexing of his reddened ass! His rubbing was the icing. As I said, one of your best productions."

"thank you for the FABULOUS Chase clip."

"Just saw your posting regarding the latest video with Chase. I think it is brilliant and, of course, Chase is not only very nice looking and his genuinely sincere personality always comes through. Nice to see such a wonderful young man. I've been away from Spanking Central for a while because, unfortunately, I've lost my job and had to make some hard financial decisions. I just signed up for one month because, I really missed being away from the site. The videos and blogg posting were such a part of life for the past several years, I just had to resign to see what was going on. Just going through all of your postings made me feel like I was visiting with long lost friends. I am happy to see videos of Chris and Seth. Chris is looking good. Chase is awesome. Keep up the great work and a Happy Healthy and prosperous New Year to you."

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"cliff, definitely a thumbs up to your latest, collegedaze. chase did a great a job and your camera work caught it. especially head on with his 2 cheeks rising about his head (always a great camera shot). then you went close-up: only the top of his hair framed by his 2 cheeks and the cleft. and he has one beautifully chiseled cleft. and the situation was a believable one (and unfortunately in the real world too rare)... keep up the hot work... you know it's more than their rear end that turns me on. and i think that's why your site is so successful (besides the fact your editing and camera work are superb)."

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"Turning to the recent scene. I really liked the lighthearted nature of the scene. I particularly enjoyed the holiday nature of the scene. The fact that it was OTK was icing on the cake. Hopefully, we'll get to see Nico over your knee on a regular basis."

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"You asked for feedback from OTK fans on Nico's latest video. . . it's great! I think OTK fans (like me) like anything that seems realistic. Nico still has his clothes on, which is realistic, and his reactions are neither overly stoic nor overly dramatic."

"Loved the OTK with Nico!!!! He is the perfect spankee. If he were any cuter he would have been stolen by the Fairies. Should Santa ever decide to spank an Elf the parts are filled."

"The new video was DELIGHTFUL! It has that element of whimsy which just makes me laugh. Nico just seems to get cuter and more adorable with each video but the looser, fun theme of this one really brought that out. I think he's also just more comfortable. There were several times when it seemed he was going to laugh as you were delivering the whacks. :) Lots of fun and excellent eye candy as well. What a great way to start a Friday!"

"Well I watched every second of the Chase was a great video...easy...laid back..little bit of xmas in the background....nice choice of weapons...hahahhaa....and great visuals as usual....and I loved that you let some frontal show.............well done Cliff....well done..."

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"What a wonderful video, thank you and Chase for this holiday gift! I appreciate the in-depth interview... And it's so interesting to hear such an extended conversation with such an intelligent young man. Not to mention plenty of camera time on him, and all his many fine features... A great addition to your collection!"

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"Aces !!! Kyle's jiggling cheeks sure give Rex a run for the money .... lol Thanks to you both for such an enjoyable paddling.."

"This set is probably the most surreal set you have done. The simple side by side shots with the impact of the paddle and the emotional expressions on Kyle's face are marvelous! ... Great editing and blending."

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"Your site brings joy to the heart of this old, bent reprobate. Love it, it's clean and wholesome, demystifying the illusory paraphilias of the Righteous. I can tell you love boys by the respect you show them... I signed up today and got nothing else done... I am impressed by your one man operation... I like the way you operate, the interviews, negotiations, auditions, the behind the scenes section, the feedback etc. I like the correctness of what you are doing."

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"Cody's contribution to the Redemption series is stunning."

"The Redemption video, featuring Cody, is superb.. This young man does an amazing job. From the moment he seats himself in the confessional, his face and his attitude are those of a sincere penitent. His reactions to the birch bring an intensity that is gripping. The beauty of this young man's face is exceeded only by the arousing sight of his buttocks, displayed perfectly on the altar of atonement. The music and the technical expertise are flawless. To me, this is one of the best videos ever produced by Spanking Central."

"Your latest (Cody) has left me absolutely breathless - it's stupendous! I was waiting for it with bated breath, and usually such anticipation leaves one disappointed when the real thing comes; but this video certainly didn't disappoint. I think it maybe is the best you have ever done. The script is flawless."

"I thought your other Redemption videos were good, but this one rises above anything you have ever done. It excels on every level there is. A commentary on those who find it offensive, yet still watch it, a bit of dry humor that was not lost on me at all. Cody was perfect in everything from his dialog to his actions and even his groans! The music continues to pull me right in and on top of all this, it is Hot! Those welts are incredibly painful looking. Fantastic. If I only got one video a month and it was as good as this one, I'd be completely happy."

"It is quality, rather than quantity, which is your hallmark."

"Cliff, your website is fantastic and the quality of your work merits an Oscar."

"Okay, I don't always write about these videos, but this one really got me - when Cody said, "I've been appearing in adult films", I just cracked up. The tongue-in-cheek approach to this movie had me thoroughly entertained! Then of course, when you tell him to take off all his clothes, and then add, "You should be used to that" - Really cool approach to the video and Cody looked great. I can't say enough about this one!"

"I really do enjoy seeing Rex get disciplined in your videos. His whole physicality really gets me going. And that butt! So appealing. He was very reserved this time although he did seem to walk away from the device quite gingerly...Thanks again to you both. Can't wait for the bonus footage tomorrow."

"Well the vid with Rex was excellent.....his line ..."bring it on" was great......and his attitude turned me on...and lastly....he acted like you almost broke him with the last smack.....well done....he is such a hot guy......wish i had seen him in his other studios...."

"Have I told you how much I love this site?"

"Cliff: Continue to love this series, it combines so many clever elements. Rex looks very good given the tribulations you have recounted. Must say I prefer it when he doesn't yell, but tries to remain stoic. And love the counted strokes!"

"Fan-figgin-tastic job with Rex..but then again, isn't it always...Keep up the good work"

"some months after joining your site as a paying member I would like to express my satisfaction with and admiration for your extraordinary personality, work and vision. Apart from giving your customers, what they need, and showing them, what they wish for, you are a most valuable preservationist of an important aspect of the American way of life in the past, present and hopefully also in the future."

"I will be a member of this site for as long as you keep it going!"

"Kyle is going to be a winner. Every bit the "kid next door" that we all knew got his butt warmed, but never talked about it."

"I think the new guy is GREAT."

"Kyle? Gazowie!! We are going to see more of him, I hope..."

"Just got home, poured a class of chardonnay and logged onto your site for Kyle's video. WOW! ...He is something ELSE!!!"

"What a great find in Kyle! It's one of the best auditions I've seen."

"Just a quick note to let you know that I think you've found another 'winner' in Kyle. He looks like he can take it well and he seems to have the persona to fit in well at SC. Always love what you and the guys produce!"

"Kyle did a great job. I hope he wants to come back."

"Kyle is nice. I look forward to seeing a lot more of him! With Nico and now Kyle your latest recruits are a great success..."

"Kyle looks to be a super model for you. Very impressive."

"What a appetizing rear end that kid has [Kyle]. And a winning personality, too. That kneeler really shows off these guys to great advantage."

"This kid is awsum.....his ass definitely reminds me of Chris... and I like...."

"Cliff - Sharp new model [Kyle], very impressive!"

"OMG! I really like the new guy, Kyle. He will definitely fit in at Spanking Central."

"Hey!!! Another great find. Kyle was terrific in the audition. His personality is fun and engaging and he made me laugh with some of his comments and facial expressions."

"You hit another home run with Nico and if anything this is even better and more polished. The reaction shots are simply fantastic! The fact that we saw the bonus video from the first one just kind of faded away as we became caught up in the story. We have had a difficult time putting words to the emotions this series evokes in us, but they are all positive. I think it's the concept of atonement and of making things right which finds a nice place with us and we are even approaching this from different angles and experiences."

"Cilff: I am impressed that Nico took what you dished out. One of the things I like best about your site is that you pull no punches - you dish out the real thing."

"Just want to say..... outstanding! And kudos to Nico for sticking his little bottom right out so bravely when he is only a newbie to a good hiding. I think he will develop into one of your star turns.... actually, he already is."

"Loved Nico getting redeemed! He is so CUTE! That bottom was made for spanking. He does not color up much, but he sure does welt up! Wow! Another great show!"

"this vid with Nico in my opinion was awsum....the first lash was just unbelievable.....he is one cute guy and will be a star on central...."

"I recently became a premium member and I really like your site. Congratulations!"

"I just watched the Behind the Scenes session of Anton's Redemption. I enjoyed it more than the completed video! I really like all the angles made possible by your ingenious Altar of Atonement. Whether a religious setting or some other one, I hope it gets a LOT of use! I hope Axel is scheduled for it, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing Nico receive his first full spanking across it."

"You have earned an Academy Award nomination! The first of the Redemption videos is done with unsurpassed technical expertise. Even more impressive, however, is the match of the scene to Anton. He is absolutely perfect for that role. I am somewhat surprised that members would be offended by this theme. It has been done with the respect that is so characteristic of your productions. Those fourteen stripes were well placed on an appealing target and that should satisfy the brotherhood that clicks "play" to enter the fascinating world of your creative work! I look forward to the next one in the series!"

"Take it from me......the new series, Redemption.......WORKS."

"Great shoot. Anton too is very beautiful and his hard butt is perfect for the canning, which I might add may be the best canning you've ever done. Each stroke was perfectly placed and you seemed to put full strength into each."

"There is no one else operating in this venue, at this time, that I would begin to support... You give 110% value for the money, and I hope you feel able to continue for some time."

"Congratulations on your latest production, the theme with Anton was simply superb, your best video ever, in my humble opinion !!"

"I have to say that I think this is the best work you have done to date. Technically, the lighting, camera work, set are just outstanding, but there are more fine points than I can mention which make this soar... I could go on and on in an effort to try to describe how deep this was for us, but I'll stop and just say "Well done!""

"I've just watched your latest video with Anton, ...I found it to be extremely good. I loved the dialogue between you... bordering on excellent! I thought Anton played his part extremely well and needs to be congratulated on it, a true professional actor without any sign of sniggering .... just real repentance... I know this is a new venture for you, but even so the whole video was brilliantly made and I think your choice of background music was fantastic, making it all the more realistic!"

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new video. Bravo, well done!!!!!!! Anton was the perfect choice with his exotic good looks."

"I think that it is the best work aesthetically, certainly of the pieces of yours that I've seen. The visuals are great, and he marks up really well... I think that you've really outdone yourself. Congratulations!"

"others are correct. this really is some of your best work. keep it up"

"I just wanted to say that I thought this was one of your best videos yet and thought it was very realistic. I'm quite sure corporal punishment was used in churches and I really did enjoy it. The position Anton was caned in is quite unique and different to all other positions I've seen used and it exposes his butt a treat. Please keep it up."

"I'd like to say your last video with Anton was great."

"This was one of your best videos in a long time."

"Your latest video Anton 8 is an excellent production. Very polished dialogue and production in every way... One of your finest productions yet."

"Thanks again for all you do with this site. When I first started watching the videos if someone had told me I would want to visit the site daily just to read the blog regardless of when a video was being posted, I wouldn't have believed it, but I really have started to care about the guys here even if they never shoot another video."

"This production [Anton] may be one of the best, most advanced, and most artistically perfect you have ever produced in your long history of excellence."

"Thanks for Anton's "Redemption". It is excellent! It seems authentic to me... I continue to be amazed at your creativity and artistry."

"I thought Redemption was terrific."

"Wonderful, just great, a really classy production..... hot storyline, great atmosphere, exciting new "bench" and position, and a stunning naked Anton taking the cane..... you've made my weekend!"

"Saw Anton and the altar. Well done! Bravo! I thought it was very original and as always, Anton did it quite well and also as always, what a handsome and well built young man he is and a kickin cute little handsome bare-butt. I'm not catholic but I've understood this type of punishment was probably typical... You're still tops for m/m spanking features."

"...about the latest with anton: love the way your mind works. great turn-on... anton is a stunner. he looks even better in this video than in past ones. no gym machine produced that body; it started with his dna. and he's a stoic, and a trooper. those cane marks weren't fake and it takes a certain serious whacking to achieve them. he did a great job. i thank him."

"i just watched this weeks video with Anton and it brought me back to when i was in catholic school im Roman 1961 and those days they didnt use a cane they used wooden pointer stick with a rubber tip across your hands or on our butt either way it hurt like hell.and we got it from either a priest or sister superior she wore a habit those days."

"That was a great set [Anton]! I loved the modified prayer bench! I hope we see more of it. Makes a great display of the obvious charms of our men. Naturally, you will probably get some complaints on the setting, but.... the penance was probably much more effective than five Hail Maries."

"Oh..........this video is the best one you have ever done [Anton], even better than those with Spencer, in my opinion. Everything about it is perfect from the music, to the style you used for the credits, to the set and best of all the theme! I loved it, I really loved it! ...Perfect, perfect, perfect...."

"I have to say Cliff you hit the nail on the head... Awesome!!!!!!! I really loved the beginning the visual of the church and the music that went with it. Your voice stayed monotone the whole time, and Anton's responses were right on the money too. Damn dude when you create you create!!!!!"

"Marvellous! Utterly fantastic! Cliff, this is a new high level of standard for your work. I cannot say enough about your Redemption series, beginning with Anton. I really do think this sets the bar so much higher than most any other studio can approach. Simple set but powerful in its imagery and totally realistic. Honest admission - I "know" that this was shot in your studio, but had a hard time keeping that in mind ---- it really looks like a small chapel or meditation room in a monastery or teaching establishment of the church. Perfect dialogue that could be termed "mirabile dictu"... Perhaps this video series, more than others you've created, bring a true-to-life depiction of religious corporal punishment... You've raised the bar once again... Excellent stuff!"

"Great portrait of Axel [on the blog]! You captured the sensitivity of a fine young man in his prime. He in his own way is a class act as well."

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" yourself with your competitors (both new and established) from the time you started. Most of them are long gone, some are barely hanging on--one of them is still hawking his VCR's, no joke (never made it to DVD), & few (if any) have your business ethics... Your site is both clean and sensual; too bad more producers don't emulate you... There will come the day you will decide to pack it in. That's the day I'll pack it in as well. If Cliff ain't doin' it, won't be worth watching. Just some thoughts from a guy who has come to admire both you and your work. Keep it up..."

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"I just finished watching the great bts for Seth's latest... Good work as always..."

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"Thanks for you last postings regarding the family atmosphere of your site. This is the main reason that I save up during the year so I can resume my membership. There is a genuine feeling of caring that makes this such a great place to be... As for Chase, his last video was wonderful of course, but he also serves as an example for all of us who have health issues to not let them get in the way of our lives. He really is a class act... Thanks again for the hard work that you all do."

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"As a relatively new subscriber, felt I should drop you a line to say thanks for a great site and appreciation for all the hard work you guys put in..."

"hi cliff great videos , love the hung up by the ankles, how do those guys take the switch with out making any noise, those fresh switches hurt, i would be making noise. thanks keep up the good work"

"Hi, Cliff your job is very excellent. I want give you my compliments... Thank you for your attention and congratulations for your fantastic job!"

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"Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the latest video. This Guy Axel is going to be a super-star. I can't wait for the extra footage... I'm still plowing through the backlog of content, as I've said before a great bargain price!!"

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